5 Things That Can Happen Following a Spartanburg DUI Arrest

A Spartanburg DUI arrest will likely be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. Unfortunately, the arrest is just the beginning of many unpleasant events that might follow. An arrest for driving under the influence can affect many aspects of your life and can result in everything from daily inconveniences to long-term consequences.

Dealing with these consequences – and in some cases avoiding them – is one of the main reasons it is important to work with an experienced Spartanburg DUI attorney. They can help you manage your situation and might even be able to reduce the impact a DUI has on your life.

What Happens After a Spartanburg DUI Arrest?

If you have been arrested for a Spartanburg DUI and you are wondering what comes next, here are some of the things you might expect:

  1. Convicted of Spartanburg DUI

The first step in the DUI process following your arrest is presenting your case to the court. You may be required to make multiple appearances in court and plead your case. You will have the opportunity to present any evidence to put your case in a positive light or plead down the charges against you.

Though it’s possible to defend yourself when charged with a DUI, you are better off working with an attorney. This way, you will have someone on your side who understands drunk driving laws and who understands how the judicial system works. A Spartanburg DUI attorney can review the details of your case and help you determine the best way to proceed. While it is possible for you to avoid a DUI conviction, should you be convicted of a crime, it is in your best interests for the charges to be reduced.

Spartanburg DUI Defense Lawyer in South Carolina
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  1. Jail Time

In a worst case scenario, you wil be required to serve jail time. You might be placed, temporarily, in a jail cell following your arrest. Then, depending on the outcome of your case, you might be ordered to serve additional time in jail. This can be one of the most horrifying potential aspects of a DUI conviction. Serving time in jail is a situation nobody wants to face, but it is possible  if you are convicted of driving under the influence.

  1. Fines

In nearly every instance, someone convicted of a DUI will be forced to pay fines. Though it might seem as if a fine is far better than being forced to serve jail time, these fines are hefty and can have a significant impact on your life. Fines for DUI can be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, which can leave many people in a very difficult financial situation.

Making matters worse, the court-imposed fines rarely go away. If you are not able to afford a lump sum fine right away, you will need to chip away at what you owe over time. No matter what financial choices you might make in the future, you will have the substantial fine hanging over your head. Even if a fine seems like something you can afford now, who knows what the future holds. There are many people convicted of DUI that are still dealing with financial hardship years later because of the fines associated with the crime.

  1. Alcohol or Substance Abuse Programs

Another common consequence of DUI is being forced to attend a substance abuse education program.

If you have struggled with driving under the influence and you’ve faced multiple convictions, you might benefit from participating in a substance abuse program. However, if you are a first-time offender or you have obligations that make it difficult to be a part of a program, this requirement can interfere with your life.

  1. Loss of License

People who are convicted of DUI have their driver’s’ license taken away. It’s possible to get your driving privileges restored, but there is usually a series of things that need to occur and obligations you must meet before the DMV gives your license back to you.

The relief you feel when you are told you are not going to jail as a result of your DUI can be short lived, especially when you realize your license is being suspended. Suddenly, everything in your life becomes an inconvenience and you must rely on others to get where you need to go every day. Losing your license is one of the biggest inconveniences you’ll face after a Spartanburg DUI conviction.

Anyone who has been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence will tell you it is one of the worst experiences of their lives. The days, weeks, and months following a Spartanburg DUI incident are inconvenient, unpredictable, intimidating, and expensive. For most people, there is no area of their life that is not affected by their DUI.

Schedule a Consultation with a Spartanburg DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI, you need to contact a Spartanburg DUI attorney. Working with an experienced attorney is the only way to protect your rights and ensure that the consequences of the DUI are as limited as possible. An attorney will review your situation and determine how to best argue your case – whether that be pleading not guilty or accepting lesser charges that result in a reduced punishment.

Every DUI arrest is different and everyone accused of DUI deserves the best representation possible. If you are facing DUI charges, we can help. Contact John Bateman to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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