The Bateman Difference

The Bateman Difference

The Bateman Difference

The Bateman Difference

Our firm’s passion is DUI defense. 

Our clients are not just another file; they are people with a life and purpose.

Our entire staff is NHTSA trained in field sobriety testing.

This is the identical curriculum used in officer training. 

Invaluable knowledge of DMV and court procedures that help the client to carry on with their everyday life.

While we focus on their case. 

Nationally recognized attorney and frequent lecturer

Covering DUI related topics.

Our Team consultant has four decades of law enforcement training and DUI defense.

Which brings a unique knowledge in preparing the client for what is to come. 

Team member background in mental health/addiction issues.

To assist when clients need help with seeking treatment options. 

Get the Help You Need From Our Experienced Defense Team

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