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How Do DUI Laws Work for Teenagers in South Carolina?

South Carolina has zero-tolerance DUI laws for teens

DUI laws in South Carolina are very strict, especially for teenagers. If your child has been charged with a DUI, it’s essential to understand how the laws work and the gravity of the situation as a conviction may have a lasting impact on their prospects. A DUI conviction can impact your child’s future, including their […]

Am I Eligible for a DUI Diversion Program in Spartanburg, SC?

DUI diversion program

If you’ve been charged with DUI in South Carolina, you’re facing some pretty serious penalties. Even if it’s your first offense, you’ll be facing possible jail time, fines, and a mandatory 6-month suspension of your driver’s license. In many cases, the evidence against you is rather overwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean you deserve to have […]

Does Smoking Affect the Results of a Breathalyzer Test in Greenville, SC?

breathalyzer test

If you’re ever pulled over on suspicion of DUI, the police are going to look for obvious signs of intoxication. They’re also going to ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test. Once this test is completed, they will ask you to perform a field sobriety test. Once they see the results of these two […]

Can I Get a DUI in Spartanburg if I Am Asleep in My Car?

DUI in South Carolina

In order to be arrested for DUI in South Carolina, the police must have reasonable cause to believe you’re driving under the influence. In order for the State to prove their case, they need to prove each element of the offense. One of the main elements is that the defendant was driving their vehicle at […]

How Can a DUI Defense Attorney in Greenville Help Me?

Not every legal matter like fighting a speeding ticket or small claims requires the attention of a DUI defense attorney in Greenville. However, when faced with a crime like driving under the influence, you need the advice of a professional attorney. Fines, felony convictions, and prison time are some of the penalties for a DUI, […]

When Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Charge?

lawyer for a DUI charge

Driving under the influence is considered a serious criminal offense in the United States. If you are charged with this misconduct, you need to have proper legal representation in Criminal Court. As a defendant, it might feel that hiring a private lawyer for a DUI charge or getting assigned a public defender by the legal […]

What Should I Do If My Rideshare Driver Is Drunk?

rideshare driver is drunk

What happens when you call a service and the rideshare driver is drunk? Driving under the influence of alcohol is a severe offense. This is because, unlike many other accidents that are not intentional to this level, drunk driving can always be avoided by choosing alternative forms of transport even in the direst of circumstances. […]

Are You Allowed to Refuse to Do Field Sobriety Test During Your Spartanburg DUI Traffic Stop?

Field-Sobriety Test in South Carolina

If you decide to drink and drive, don’t be surprised to see those familiar red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. The cops are trained to detect the signs of impaired driving. If they suspect you’ve been drinking and driving, they do have a right to pull you over. Your Spartanburg DUI defense […]

Can a Minor Be Charged with DUI in Greenville, South Carolina?

hand holding key next to alcohol

In the United States, there is a federal law that dictates how old you must be to purchase or drink alcohol. The National Minimum Drinking Age law was passed back in 1984 and is set at 21 years old. While the states can set their own DUI laws, they can’t change the legal drinking age. […]

What Is a DUI Per Se in South Carolina?

Most people think that, if they pass a breathalyzer test in South Carolina, they can’t be arrested. After all, why bother setting a legal limit for someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) if it’s not going to mean anything? However, in South Carolina, as in most states, there’s something called a DUI Per Se. A DUI […]

Is it Legal for Cops in Clemson, South Carolina to Set Up DUI Checkpoints?

weak-drunk driving laws

For the most part, police identify drunk drivers by performing routine traffic stops. They could pull you over for something completely unrelated to drinking and driving. It isn’t until they approach the vehicle that they suspect you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Other times, they observe you doing things that make […]

Does South Carolina Have an Implied Consent Law When it Comes to a Breathalyzer Test?

A beer bottle lying on the gear shift in a vehicle.

If you’ve ever been stopped for DUI or arrested for DUI, you may recall the process quite well. The police pull you over on suspicions of some sort of traffic violation. This can be anything from having a taillight out to speeding. If, after pulling you over, the police suspect you’re drunk, they’ll ask you […]