How Can a DUI Defense Attorney in Greenville Help Me?

Not every legal matter like fighting a speeding ticket or small claims requires the attention of a DUI defense attorney in Greenville. However, when faced with a crime like driving under the influence, you need the advice of a professional attorney. Fines, felony convictions, and prison time are some of the penalties for a DUI, and a criminal defense lawyer is what stands between you and their severity.

Regardless of how smart you may be, you do not have the training or experience of a  criminal defense lawyer. Legal representation can be expensive, but it can help get you out of several tricky situations. Also, refusing to work with an attorney can be more detrimental than beneficial.

We put together ways a DUI defense attorney can help you to make hiring legal representation easier.

What Can a DUI Defense Attorney in Greenville Do for You?

Here are a few things that an attorney can do for you.

  • Uncomplicate the Law

As someone not trained in the legal profession, you certainly do not have business acting in legal matters. All attorneys have different specializations in one or more legal practice areas.

They have been trained to understand every bit of the law and court procedures. Therefore, their job is to determine if there are any loopholes in the system and defend you. In addition, if the prosecution has a weak case, your DUI defense attorney can quickly resolve it.

Refusing to work with an attorney often results in avoidable mistakes. Attorneys understand the local rules of the court as well as the rules and laws buried within other laws and regulations. Therefore, deciding to work with an attorney will definitely uncomplicate the law for you.

  • Challenge Evidence

Lawyers have the proper legal training to identify and challenge evidence. They have the experience to know whether a piece of evidence against you has been obtained improperly. If there was evidence tampering, your DUI defense attorney would use it as a ground to dismiss the case.

  • File the Proper Document or Follow the Correct Procedure

Filing the wrong document or following the incorrect procedure may ruin your case. Attorneys don’t struggle with the deadlines for correctly filling out certain legal documents. So, hire a DUI defense attorney to handle the filing of court processes.

  • Access to Witnesses and Experts

A DUI defense attorney in Greenville has access to all the witnesses and experts required to testify in your case. They will sit with these witnesses and experts to prepare them for the testimony during the trial. A lawyer cannot coach a witness on what to say, but they will prepare them with sample questions the prosecution can ask.

  • Present Your Strongest Case

There are always avenues of defense for a lawyer to explore. They will examine all the facts to present a solid case to the court. Even if the evidence seems stacked against you, your attorney can always mitigate the penalties.

  • Avoid Problems

There is a famous saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is always best to avoid problems rather than fix them later. Hiring a DUI defense attorney helps you prevent mistakes that might jeopardize your case. An example of an error that might jeopardize your case is making a statement to the police without your lawyer.

  • Negotiate Plea Bargains

Not every criminal case needs to be decided in court. Sometimes, the prosecutor might offer you a plea bargain. If they do, your DUI defense attorney will examine the strength of your defense to decide if entering a plea deal is the best option to get a lower sentence.

They will negotiate with the prosecution to get you the best deal if it is. So, suppose you were supposed to spend five years in jail for aggravated DUI. Instead, you might get two years with a fine.

In some cases, a plea deal could save you from going to jail, especially if you agree to plead guilty and offer restitution to the victim. The latter is common in DUI cases involving car accidents.

DUI defense attorney in Greenville

  • Support You Psychologically

Psychological support may not be part of their formal training, but a DUI defense attorney provides a lot of emotional support to their clients. Criminal cases can be draining as defendants sometimes deal with a lot. These may include depression, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. Therefore, having an attorney stand in your corner and remain objective throughout the case can offer insights into what is happening.

Tips on Hiring the Best DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer in Greenville

First, you have to remember that all lawyers are not equal. So, if you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, you would want to be represented by a seasoned professional who can ensure your win.

Here are some tips on choosing a lawyer to handle your DUI case.

  • Choose the Right Kind of Lawyer

The first thing you need to do when looking to hire a lawyer for representation is to find the right kind of lawyer. What type of lawyer do you need? You should search for a lawyer specializing in legal practices that apply to your case.

For example, you should not hire a homicide lawyer for a DUI case. Instead, find one experienced ad specializing in DUI cases.

  • Hire a Lawyer Who Communicates

Your DUI defense attorney will be your most trusted person during your case, so it is essential you and your lawyer can communicate with one another. Also, your attorney should always be available to answer your questions and provide regular updates on your case.

Even if they are unavailable, they should give you other means of reaching them. If your lawyer is inaccessible, you should consider changing them for one who is.

  • Hire a Lawyer With Integrity and Honesty

It is not enough to hire a DUI defense attorney who guarantees a positive outcome in your case; look out for one who is transparent and honest. An honest lawyer will always tell you things as they stand without sugarcoating them.  Also, they will always show up when you need them and not leave you unrepresented.

Were You Arrested for a DUI? Get Legal Help Now!

A DUI case can derail your life if you fail to mitigate the consequences. At Batman Law Firm, our legal team understands the implications of a DUI conviction. Therefore, our DUI defense attorneys will do all they can to prove your innocence or limit the penalties, depending on the case.

We will also protect your rights and ensure the prosecution doesn’t trample on them. So contact us today to learn how our Greenville, SC, criminal defense lawyers can help you.

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