What Should I Do If My Rideshare Driver Is Drunk?

What happens when you call a service and the rideshare driver is drunk? Driving under the influence of alcohol is a severe offense. This is because, unlike many other accidents that are not intentional to this level, drunk driving can always be avoided by choosing alternative forms of transport even in the direst of circumstances. Therefore, the charges a drunk driver faces are also exceptionally high and reasonably so. It is essential to avoid driving when drunk at all costs, and if you are careful, serious accidents can be avoided even if you spot drunk drivers on the road. However, one of the difficulties is when the rideshare driver you have asked for is drunk. It is tough to tell before you get into the vehicle, and it is sometimes too late to confront them or stop them in the middle of the road. With the growing influence of rideshare apps like Uber, the risk of encountering drunk rideshare drivers has also increased. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind if you find out that your rideshare driver is drunk.

Ways to Prevent Getting a Drunk Rideshare Driver

While there is nothing you can do to decide what kind of driver you will get through a rideshare application, there are some ways you can prevent getting a drunk driver by taking some precautions.

Check Reviews

Rideshare apps work on a very efficient system, and with the increasing development of technology, there are several pointers through which you can gather data before taking action. The same applies to rideshare apps as well.

Most rideshare apps, when they show the nearest drivers, also give you information about every driver before you select them and confirm the choice. By scrolling through the driver’s statistics, you are immediately made aware of the ratings and reviews this driver has gotten so far. It is always good to scroll through the reviews, especially if there are any negative reviews.

Since drunk driving is more of a habit than a sudden choice, any professional driver with great principles and records will steer clear from driving drunk. If you find that there is a history of drunk driving through the reviews, you can skip and avoid that driver altogether. Going for a driver with reasonably decent reviews is the right choice, especially when you are in doubt.

Look For Visible Signs

Once you have already entered the car, you cannot change the driver on realizing that they are drunk. However, there are some precautions you can take to prevent a drunk driver from causing an accident. Firstly, it is beneficial to pay attention to the driver as soon as you enter the car.

While this shouldn’t become an obsession, a certain amount of observation can take you a long way with such situations. By paying attention to the driver’s behavior and possibly detecting the smell of alcohol, which is quite distinguishable in most cases, you can tell if your rideshare driver is drunk. Other signs include overly bloodshot eyes and terrible driving coupled with bad judgments on the road.

Once you realize that your rideshare driver is drunk, it is good practice to tell them outright to stop the car, get out of it and talk to them about it. While you do not have to be rude, it is essential to be curt and let them know that they are committing a crime.

At all costs, it is better to avoid that drive even if you lose some money. However, you can report this incident to the rideshare company, and you will most likely be compensated for it.

Determining Liability if the Rideshare Driver is Drunk

If a rideshare driver is drunk and then causes an accident, there are specified guidelines through which the injured passenger can receive compensation for the injury. This is slightly complicated because rideshare drivers are under agreement not as employees but as independent contractors. Therefore, it can be confusing as to who to collect the compensation from.

However, companies usually get a signed agreement from drivers before they are allowed to drive, asking them to claim all the responsibilities for possible accidents caused by drunk driving. Therefore, it is usually the responsibility of the driver to pay for your damages. However, if the driver has insurance, the insurance company will be responsible for your compensation should you be injured in an accident caused by a drunk rideshare driver.

It is always essential to be very careful in these situations involving drunk drivers and try your best to get out of them as quickly as possible. If your rideshare driver is drunk and you need assistance, contact our DUI lawyers today.

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