The Interrelation Between Drunk Driving And Summer Months

Drinking is a fun activity that people indulge in quite frequently, especially when they are in groups. However, when not done responsibly, it can cause harm and lead to disastrous consequences. One such instance is when people drive under the influence of alcohol. There’s a distinct relationship between drunk driving and summer. While it is not necessarily dangerous to drive when you drink very little alcohol, studies have clearly shown that alcohol’s effect on your senses sometimes takes less than one drink. Therefore, it is crucial to be on the safer side and prevent drunk driving at all costs. Of all the times that people drink and drive, statistically, there is a peak in the summer months. There are a lot of factors that affect it. Here are some of the major factors determining the relationship between drunk driving and summer and ways to prevent drunk driving accidents.

Factors Causing Increased Cases of Drunk Driving in the Summer

Drunk driving is not necessarily a function of climate. Even so, there tends to be a link between drunk driving and the summer months. However, several factors make drunk driving cases extremely frequent in the summer instead of any other season.

Firstly, summer is one of the only seasons where people find it very convenient to come out and socialize. In fact, it is more desirable to go out and mix in the summer than sitting indoors because of the unbearable heat. In contrast, it is tough to stay outdoors when it rains or in the winter when it is freezing, and there are possibilities of snowfall. That difference contributes the most to drunk driving in the summers.

Secondly, statistics have repeatedly shown that humans respond quite vigorously and with increased excitement in the summer compared to any other season. Drinking and driving are also affected by people eager to go on road trips in the summer, owing to the low gas prices and the unbearable heat.

Demographics At Extreme Risk Of Drunk Driving

Among the common demographics that are allowed to drive, the youngest demographic of teenagers and young adults are at the highest risk of drunk driving. Apart from being less trained in driving, due to their young age, they are also more likely to attend a lot of drinking parties in the summer, causing them to drive back home drunk possibly.

How to Spot Drunk Drivers and Prevent Possible Accidents

While it is challenging to anticipate an accident, there are some ways that you can be careful and possibly even prevent an accident. One surefire way to avoid a drunk driver is to be vigilant and cautious when you drive and spot vehicles coming from a distance. Most vehicles with drunk drivers tend to exhibit specific patterns.

Most cars or bikes that travel very slowly or very speedily or heave and jerk are most likely driven by drunk drivers, and you should exercise precaution and ensure that you move away from such vehicles at all costs. Furthermore, if a vehicle is honking a lot or has its lights switching on and off continuously, or is exhibiting any such strange patterns, it is most likely driven by a drunk driver and should be avoided.

 Other ways to stay safe include keeping a phone very close, which can be used in emergencies. Wearing seatbelts all the time is also an effective way to prevent any damage caused by accidents. Also, speaking to teenagers and young adults in your house about the harmful effects of drunk driving is another way to ensure that they are aware of the dangers.

The Punishments for Drunk Drivers

If you are considering driving on the roads drunk, it is time to reprioritize. The penalties one has to pay for driving drunk are very expensive and not worth the hassle. In South Carolina alone, drunk driving is considered a severe offense. Depending upon the amount of blood alcohol levels the driver is detected with, the fines can go up to $2500. If a driver is caught with less than 0.10% of blood alcohol levels, the penalty is $400. Anywhere between 0.10% and 0.16%, the driver has to pay $500, and for anything above that, at least $1000 is charged as a penalty.

Finally, although not always the case, people should be cautious when they drive in the summers to prevent any drunk driving accidents. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. That said, if you need more information about drunk driving and summer contact us today. Our expert attorneys come with years of experience handling DUI cases in South Carolina and can help you better present your case. Talk with us today.

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