Can You Get a DUI for Prescription Drugs?

Despite what most people believe, it is possible to get a DUI for prescription drugs.  Most drunk driving laws will not be limited to just impairments from alcohol. Depending on the case, a driver can be arrested when they are driving under the influence in Greenville, SC of prescription medication or illegal drugs.

Dealing with a charge of driving under the influence in Greenville, SC can have some big penalties. You could lose your right to drive, have the information on your permanent record, and large fines. And if you get these charges because of your prescription medication, it could be something that you never planned on dealing with.

The Rise of Prescription Drug Use

As more people begin to use prescription drugs for a variety of diseases and conditions, the number of DUI for prescription drugs arrests are going to rise at the same time. The hard part is that some prescription drugs, especially if you use them together with other types or in an incorrect manner, could present a real threat for you and others on the road. Sometimes you may not know the risk, or you may not think of the unintended consequences that come with the prescription medications that you take.

If you are facing a DUI arrest and charges and you had been using prescription medication at that time, it is time to talk with a DUI lawyer about the case. Depending on the case, it is possible that the unknown side effects of your prescription medications, as long as you were taking them legally, could be grounds for a defense.

This only works if you were prescribed the medication. If you took someone else’s medication or you obtained the medications illegally, you may be facing other consequences in the process. But for those who are taking a medication that their doctor prescribed them, and they believe they are taking them properly, you could work with your DUI lawyer to fight a charge for driving under the influence in Greenville, SC.

What Options Do I Have for a DUI for Prescription Drugs Defense in Greenville, SC?

Many news sources have begun to talk about how DUI for prescription drugs arrests are rising. While this could put you in a difficult position if you are dealing with a DUI arrest from your medication, it is important to note that law enforcement officials are running into difficulties with setting standards for impairment from these drugs.

Currently, there is a lot of research about safe levels of alcohol impairment, which makes it easier for law enforcement to come up with charges if you are stopped. But these same standards are not there for prescription medication and driving right now.

While the police may have reported that typical symptoms of impairment were there at the time, and they can show that there was the presence of a prescription medication in the blood, juries are finding it difficult to figure out about the innocence or guilt when it comes to classifying it as a DUI. This is because prescription medications can react differently in each patient, making it hard to know all the side effects ahead of time. You may be taking a medication that doesn’t usually cause issues with others, but for some reason it reacts differently in you and signs of impairment show up.

Your DUI defense lawyer will be able to work with you to determine the best strategy to use in these cases. If you have been taking the medication for some time and new side effects came out that you were not aware of, this could be used as a defense. If your doctor did not alert you to the affects of the medication when combined with a new medication, that could be a defense as well.

This does not mean that the prosecution is not going to keep trying to push against you in these cases and often they will try to use the record of impairment signs that were in the police report. But it does mean that you and your DUI defense lawyer have some options when it comes a charge of driving under the influence in Greenville, SC.

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