Can the Police Impound My Car After My Greenville, South Carolina DUI Arrest?

There are plenty of restaurants and fine dining establishments to enjoy in Greenville, South Carolina. Not only do they have a wide variety of delectable foods to partake in, but they also carry a large selection of alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal. Normally, this is not a big deal, but tonight, you are celebrating. You finally got the promotion at work you have worked toward, and the sky’s the limit. Not only did you have a couple of mixed drinks with your meal, but you also ended the evening with a bottle of champagne. As you leave to head home, the DUI checkpoint up ahead is of little concern to you; after all, you have only had a few drinks. This is going to be a breeze, right? But when the police officer gets to your window, things do not go as you anticipated. Before you know it, you are in handcuffs heading to the county jail. This is not your first DUI arrest in Greenville, SC.

Your first call should be to an attorney. Since this is not your first DUI arrest, you will need some assistance to keep from going to jail and losing your driver’s license.

What is South Carolina’s Lookback Period for a DUI Arrest?

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You know this is not your first arrest for DUI in Greenville, South Carolina, but you are hoping the courts will not go back and review your previous history. After all, it was eight years ago. You should be fine, right? Well actually, no such luck. The judge and prosecutor will examine your previous DUI history and can step up the charge for any DUI charges you have pending. As a result, you may be subject to a larger fine, more jail time, or have to install an ignition interlock device (IED) on your vehicle.

The “lookback” period means that the sentencing judge and the prosecution will go back over your history if you have a prior conviction for DUI in South Carolina in the last ten years. This means your charges for your current DUI can increase because you have a history of driving under the influence. No one wants to have an IED to operate their vehicle, so you really need to contact an attorney to help you with your DUI arrest. A lawyer will be able to navigate the confusing laws, policies, and procedures surrounding alcohol-related arrests and provide you with guidance and assistance. You should not attempt to represent yourself after a DUI arrest, especially if you have a previous conviction. There may be specific laws put in place for repeat offenses of which you may not be aware. An attorney will be familiar with the laws of the state and how it will apply to your case.

Do I Have to Consent to a BAC Test in Greenville, South Carolina?

If you refuse to submit to a BAC test in Greenville, South Carolina, you may be opening the door for stiff penalties and risk automatic driver’s license suspension. The length of the suspension will vary but can range from 6 to 12 months. In some cases, the police will impound your car and you will have to pay fines and administrative charges to get the vehicle back in your possession after your arrest. In most instances, vehicle confiscation is not a permanent solution; instead, it is a temporary way to keep a repeat DUI offender off the streets. There are even times when owners never receive their cars back after confiscation.

A conviction for DUI or DUAC when you have a previous conviction allows the court system to make you pay increased penalties and fines in addition to suspending your driver’s license. An arrest and conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can also take a heavy toll on your personal life. Depending on the type of job you have, you may be subject to losing your employment if you drive for a living. Scheduling an appointment for a consultation with an attorney will give you the opportunity to discuss your specific situation with an individual that has knowledge of the court and legal system to get the best possible advice. A lawyer will be able to put together an effective defense that can have a favorable outcome if you are open and honest about your previous history of DUI.

Can a Greenville DUI Attorney Help My Case?

The only way to determine if a DUI attorney will be able to help you with your Greenville, South Carolina DUI arrest is to speak with one as soon as possible. You will need to sit down with a lawyer and explain the details of your arrest, as well as your complete history (especially if you have previous DUI convictions) so an appropriate defense can be put together. A lawyer will be able to determine how to best proceed with your case after meeting with you and will be able to give you options. An attorney may also be able to get your penalties and fines reduced and help you keep your driver’s license.

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