Will I Lose My Job After Getting a DUI Charge in Clemson, SC?

After you have been arrested for a DUI in Clemson, SC, there is a myriad of criminal, legal, and monetary issues that follow the charge. Even after you have settled these matters, you could still be at risk of losing your employment as a result of your DUI charge. The battle seems never ending, and the thought of losing your job can be devastating.

Depending on the type of employment you have, there is a potential of losing your job when you have been arrested for a DUI and charged. A conviction will go on your record and be a part of your background. Every time an employer runs a background check on you, they will see that you have a charge for driving while under the influence, which could prevent you from being hired.

If you are currently employed, your job may run a background check on you at any time. This will produce the charge and could put your employment in jeopardy with your company.

Will I Lose My Driving Job Because of a DUI Charge in Clemson, SC?

Some companies have policies in place that prohibit drunk driving or driving while under the influence while you are employed with them. This becomes especially imperative if you are in a position where you drive as part of your daily responsibilities. An employer may not want to continue employing you with a DUI on your record as you are now considered a liability with the company. Providing insurance for you as a driver may become too costly for your employer and they may decide to terminate you because of the charge.

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Because you have lost your license as a part of your penalties for a DUI in Clemson, SC, it can be difficult for an employer to keep you on as a driver of their company. If driving was your primary job duty, you may no longer be able to perform these functions with a suspended driver’s license and your employer may decide to terminate you.

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you will also be affected. You will lose your CDL and not be able to drive a truck with the conviction on your record. This can be cause for immediate termination and prevent you from working in the transportation field of any kind that requires a CDL for operation.

Will I Lose My Operating License Because I Have a DUI Charge in Clemson, SC?

South Carolina workers in other professions can also be affected by getting a DUI charge. Professionals such as nurses, doctors, lawyers, and accountants must have a license for operation. A DUI charge can affect their ability to obtain and retain these licenses. The agencies that administer these licenses may have standards in place that prohibit criminal charges, so being charged for a DUI can cause you to lose your certification with them. This could put you out of a job as you would not be authorized to practice without the proper licensing in place.

Your employer may also have policies in place that makes it difficult to have a DUI charge. Teachers are a prime example of one such profession. Because teachers are role models and work with children, it may be frowned upon if they were to get a DUI charge on their record. Teachers with a Clemson DUI charge may be at risk for termination and could find it difficult to find another teaching job in the future.

How Will My DUI Punishment Affect My Job in Clemson, SC?

Even if your employer doesn’t have a policy in place prohibiting DUI arrests, you may be put in a precarious situation because of the charge. You may have to attend court appearances, be ordered to perform community service or even spend time in jail – all of which can take time away from your work schedule. This time at work can put your job in danger and may be reason enough for an employer to terminate you.

You may also be penalized because of your ability to get to work on time because you have to rely on others to get you there. If you lose your driver’s licenses as a result of your DUI, you will have to use other means of transportation to get to work that may not be as reliable. You may be late or have to leave early which can frustrate an employer and be grounds for termination.

Can I Find a New Job With a DUI on My Record in Clemson, SC?

If you get terminated from your employer because you were charged with a DUI in Clemson, SC, it may be difficult for you to find employment at another company. With employers running background checks on prospective new job candidates, they will be notified of your DUI charge upon their search.

This would automatically bar you from being employed with a potential employer no matter your qualifications and talent. DUIs in Clemson are looked down upon by many employers, preventing you from securing a good job at many companies.

You will also be asked to disclose your DUI charge on job applications, which could prevent you from even getting to the interview phase of your job search where you could explain your circumstances.

Consult with a Clemson Attorney to Discuss Your DUI Charges

Getting a DUI in Clemson, SC can have damaging effects on your job security. Depending on the type of position you hold and your employer’s policies, you could be terminated following the charge. If you are terminated, it may be difficult for you to find another position of the same quality and pay, leaving you without many options.

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