How Does a DUI Affect Car Insurance?

Most people don’t realize the consequences of a DUI charge. When they’re busy enjoying themselves at a party or a late night dinner with friends and family, and have had a significant amount of alcohol in the process, the last thing on their mind is a DUI. In fact, most drivers never think that they will be charged with a DUI. But when it happens, they realize what a big mistake they made getting behind the wheel. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you should contact a Clemson DUI attorney.

You have to understand that DUI is a serious offense. Depending on the number of DUI offenses you’ve previously had and your BAC level,  you can be arrested, your car can be impounded, your license may be revoked, and you can even go to jail and pay a huge monetary fine. And that is not the end of the story. For drivers charged with a DUI, there is a new reality that they also need to prepare for.

You were caught driving while drunk or intoxicated. You might think your only problem is finding a good Clemson DUI attorney, and of course, you do need to do that. But you will soon realize that you will also have to deal with your insurance company. And there is no way around it since no one in the State of South Carolina can drive in the State of South Carolina without having a minimum liability insurance coverage.

South Carolina has a well-defined process for DUI convicted drivers to get their license reinstated. As per the regulations, there are some requirements from the car insurance company that drivers have to fulfill after a DUI conviction. You can talk to a Clemson DUI attorney in this regard if you require more information.

Once you have a DUI on record, you will have to talk to your insurance company. You will also have to submit the SR-22 -which is also known as a certificate of Financial Responsibility in order to get your driver’s license back from the DMV. The SR-22 is only issued by the insurance company and will serve as evidence for the Department of Motor Vehicles that you are maintaining liability coverage. Only after the DMV gets this form will your driver’s license be reinstated. The cost of the SR-22 is about $20, but once you have been designated this form, it will have a major impact on the rates of your car insurance. Insurance companies generally tend to consider motorists with an SR-22 are high-risk drivers, and consequently, this will be reflected in your premiums.

So What Will Your Premiums Be?


Each situation is different and will depend on your overall driving record, number of DUIs, level of alcohol when you were arrested, if you caused any property damage or injured or killed anyone, type of vehicle and your age. The reality is that for some people the premiums may end up being so high that they simply cannot afford to drive a vehicle anymore.

Also, keep in mind that after a DUI conviction in South Carolina, you must have the SR-22 for 5 years. And if you decide to start all over in another state, you will still have the same hikes in your premium. In general, you can expect your insurance premium to be 3-6 times higher than what you had been paying prior to your DUI conviction.

Contact a Clemson DUI Attorney at the Bateman Firm


If you have been charged with a DUI in Clemson, South Carolina, the best advice is to speak to our Clemson DUI attorney who can assess your case and advise you on the best path to follow. A Clemson DUI attorney can help outline certain strategies that could help lower the charge of the DUI and decrease the long-term cost for you.

Our DUI lawyers have handled numerous DUI cases in Clemson, South Carolina. Our DUI attorneys are aware that most people are unaware of the laws and regulations associated with a DUI charge, especially ones related to their driver’s license reinstatement and the procedures with their insurance company.  The important thing is to understand that if you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to get legal representation as soon as possible. Call our Clemson DUI attorney today at 864-881-7070 and tell them the circumstances of your case. Our lawyers will offer you the best legal representation in Clemson, SC and will ensure that you understand the system. They will also try to minimize the long-term damage to your driving record and your insurance premiums.