DUI Arrest in Greenville: What to Expect

Are you the recipient of a DUI car accident? Or have you faced a DUI arrest in Greenville? The repercussions in each case vary depending on the severity and place of the accident.

If someone is seriously injured in a car accident, he may first be brought to the hospital for a medical check-up before being arrested for obvious reasons.

Similarly, if no one is seriously injured after a crash, the accused may be taken to the police station first for a breathalyzer test.

What Happens If You Refuse a Blood Alcohol Test in Greenville?

Getting a driving license in Greenville is tied to the fact that you are giving implied consent to submit your blood alcohol test whenever asked or prompted to do so.

So, a person can refuse to perform a blood alcohol test in Greenville. However, the consequences result in the suspension of the driving license.

A good car accident attorney may advise better if you should agree to submit for a blood alcohol test or not, depending on your circumstances. For instance, there is no harm in refusing a blood alcohol test if you already have multiple DUI convictions in your name.

What to Do After DUI Arrest in Greenville

Under the best course of action, it is advisable to hire a DUI attorney as soon as possible after the arrest. If you have been arrested for the first-time DUI offense, or it is a repeated offense, a DUI, car accident, or personal injury attorney would guide your way through legal proceedings.

In Greenville, the driver stopped for a DUI can also seek permission from the respective police officer to hire a DUI attorney even before arrest. However, it depends on the police officer’s discretion to allow him to do so or not. In Greenville, the chances are dim that police officers allow the same. However, it is worth taking a chance.

Additionally, the Supreme Court doesn’t find a DUI traffic stop investigation to justify the right to grant counsel. Also, the Constitution doesn’t provide any guarantee to speak to an attorney for a DUI stop.

However, you are allowed to hire one if you are arrested for DUI.

In Greenville, it is advisable to consult a DUI attorney if:

  • You are at home following a DUI arrest
  • Your driving license has been suspended on suspicion of DUI
  • You have received a summons from the municipal court in Greenville for trial

4 Steps to Take If You’re Arrested in Greenville for DUI

Like every other state law, Greenville follows its own set of guidelines and laws for DUI arrest. Here is what you can expect and not make mistakes following a DUI arrest in Greenville:

1. Request an Administrative Law Hearing

Got your driving license suspended in Greenville? Well, to restore it, you will have to request an administrative law hearing. A DUI attorney will guide you through it if you have appointed one following your arrest.

This request should be submitted within 30 days of your arrest. This is the only way to get a driving license restored or to issue a restricted route license.

2. Attend The Court Hearing With A Reputed DUI Attorney

Missing your court date can have serious consequences. In Greenville, you would be provided two court dates in your summons i.e. the pre-case hearing, which allows you to put your side of the story and the DUI trial.

The DUI trial is the main event that decides your fate. This is the time your attorney will try to win the case or work towards minimizing your punishment.

3. Request A Discovery

A good DUI attorney would suggest it on their own. If not, it should be known that, in Greenville, the driver has the right to ask for the evidence collected that may be used against you in court.

This may involve the actual footage of police investigation during DUI stop the Breathalyzer results. A DUI attorney can challenge the evidence in the court and put forward a great defense.

4. Do Not Drive With A Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license thinking you won’t be discovered can get you into deep trouble. Getting arrested for driving with a suspended license when your car hearing is pending can not only affect the pending hearing but will also result in 10 to 30 days of jail time.

All in all, hiring a DUI attorney in Greenville can be a good idea before things get out of hand. Contact us today to learn more about DUI arrest in Greenville.

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