DUI Charges: It can Happen to Anyone

greenville_sc_dui_accident_injury_attorneyDrinking and driving is a potential problem across the country, and across the state of South Carolina. In the Greenville area, it is important to obtain legal help if you find yourself in legal trouble regarding a DUI.

A Nearby Prosecutor Arrested for DUI

In nearby Lexington, the chief prosecutor, Donnie Myers, faces DUI charges after a crash in February 2016. The South Carolina Highway Patrol found a car owned by Mr. Myers that had struck a utility pole. Mr. Myers was not in the vehicle, but then was found by troopers at his home. The troopers believe that he had been driving the vehicle at the time of the crash and took him to have his blood alcohol content (“BAC”) tested. At the time it was tested, his BAC was .09 percent. The legal limit in South Carolina is .08 percent. According to reports, Mr. Myers also pled guilty of drunk driving in North Carolina in 2005 and served one year of probation. He also was cited for possessing an open container of alcohol in his car in 2012.

Lawmakers Charged with Drunk Driving

Even prominent individuals within a community can face such charges, including politicians. There are probably examples in every state in the country of a prominent individual, a celebrity, politician, or community leader, who has faced DUI charges. In all cases, it is important that those accused of such crimes understand their legal rights and responsibilities and understand what is at stake with regard to criminal liability, fines, and public image.

In one case in Florida, a state representative, recently faced DUI charges after being stopped by the police late one night while driving erratically. The representative was booked and released and returned to working at the state capital.  Notably, the representative was a proponent of requiring public officials to submit to drug tests or face dismissal. Also notably, he obtained legal counsel to help during that extremely difficult time.

Celebrities and DUIs

And even one of the most famous athletes of our time, Michael Phelps, faced DUI charges in his home state of Maryland. Phelps, who has won 22 Olympic gold medals, was stopped for speeding in Baltimore. According to news reports, his BAC was nearly double the legal limit for Maryland. He also had faced similar charges in 2004 when he was 19. For the 2004 charges, he faced 18 months of probation.

Anyone, if they are not careful, can face legal trouble. It is important to protect yourself legally as much as possible.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney For DUI Legal Help

If you have any questions about your personal rights as a criminal defendant, it is important that you contact an attorney for help as soon as possible. The Bateman Law Firm will work with you to build a strong defense and to understand your options as an individual charged with a crime. Contact us today to schedule your case consultation now.

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