Why is the DUI Fatality Rate in Greenville so High?

In Greenville, South Carolina, the DUI fatality rates are unusually high. Each year, hundreds of people succumb to injuries from road accidents. In this article, we will explain some of the reasons behind the high DUI fatality rate.

DUI Fatality Rate in Greenville

DUI refers to Driving Under the Influence. The crashes that arise out of DUI are called Alcohol-impaired crashes. The driver responsible for the accident usually has a BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration of at least 0.08 grams per deciliter.

As per NHTSA, South Carolina has the third-worse DUI Fatality rate in the US. The figures stand at 5.74 fatalities per 100,000 people. Montana was the worst-performing state at 8.24 deaths per 100,000 people. Wyoming was second worst with 6.06 deaths per 100,000.

The total alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in South Carolina were 313, while non-alcohol impaired driving fatalities were 615.

The main reason DUI fatality rates are high is simply that more people are driving under influence. This inhibits the ability to concentrate on the roads, thus leading to road accidents.

An article published on USA Today stated that 16.6% of adults in South Carolina binge drink or drink heavily. While this is below the American average of 18% of adults, the percentage is enough to cause enough road fatalities.

Another reason the article cited was low-income rates in the state. The median household income in South Carolina is $49,501 per year. This is lower than the average US median household income of $57,617. The poverty rate is another reason why adults engage in binge drinking. The poverty rate in the state is around 15.3%.

Illegal Marijuana And Drug Consumption Might Be A Reason

It’s not only the alcohol that can influence driving. Drugs and marijuana have similar effects too.

Obama White House recognized South Carolina as one of the top ten states for rates of drug-use in several categories. Around 8.8% of South Carolina residents reported being exposed to illicit drugs, while the national average is 8.82%. Among all the primary drug treatment admission in the states, marijuana is the most commonly cited drug.

This stat from MADD makes it even scarier that more than a third of teens believe, rather mistakenly, that with marijuana, they’re able to drive better.

DUI applies to driving under the influence of alcohol. For drugs and marijuana, there are severe punishments too. You can be booked under the per se Marijuana DUI if it’s proven that you had consumed marijuana above the legal limit while driving. You will also be prosecuted for Impairment DUI if it’s proven that your consumption of marijuana or drugs affected your driving in any way.

Distracted Driving is High in SC

It’s not just the DUI fatality rate, the overall road fatalities in South Carolina are high too. With 20.5 fatalities per 100,000, South Carolina is one of the deadliest states in road accidents. Greenville is a major city in SC, the stats can be applied to it too.

The research conducted by SafeWise revealed the stats studied the effects and dangers of distracted driving. The distractions can be cellphone use, accessing email, or similar activities.

So one of the reasons the fatality rate is higher in SC is that more drivers are distracted.

Penalties for DUI

The penalties for marijuana or drug-related DUI are the same for alcohol-related convictions. The convict will attract both fines and license suspension for 90 days. If it’s your first offense, then you’re likely to face 48 hours to 30 days of jail time. In case the BAC is greater than 0.16% or greater, then jail time will be 30 to 90 days. Similarly, fines range from $400 to $1,000, depending on the BAC.

All those who are convicted of DUI must undergo the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program or ADSAP before they’re allowed to drive on the roads again.

What To Do In Case Of DUI Accident?

If you’re a victim of a DUI accident, then you must hire an experienced road accident law firm for your case. The casualties are often fatal and can result in serious injuries. Thus, with an attorney by your side, you can ensure timely legal action for compensation while you heal.

An attorney will also be helpful if you’re convicted of DUI driving. If the ruling is made against you, then the DUI conviction will get into your records permanently. Thus, with a road accident attorney by your side, you can either get yourself free from allegations or get pardoned, whichever is possible. Talk to our Greenville-based attorney today to learn more about DUI fatality rate.