DUI Fatality Rate In Greenville Explained

Every day we hear of road accidents across the world. The majority of these road accidents are caused due to negligence. The most common reason includes driving under the influence. In South Carolina, too, the DUI fatality rate outcasts all other reasons for road accidents.

DUI Fatality Rate in Greenville

Driving under the influence road accidents is caused when people drive under alcohol-impaired circumstances. Due to the compromised state of driving, DUI can be lethal, resulting in the most fatality rate.

One is considered driving under the influence of the alcohol content in their blood i.e., BAC is found to be above 0.08 grams per decilitre.

In the US, South Carolina is considered to be the third-worst DUI fatality rate according to NHTSA. According to stats, there are about 5.74 fatalities per 100,000 people. The worst DUI rate state in the US is Montana with 8.24 deaths per 100,000 people, closely followed by Wyoming with 6.06 fatalities per 100,000 people.

There is no rocket science required to know the reason behind the high DUI fatality rate. It is high because more and more people are driving under the influence now. Driving under the influence makes you lose your ability to concentrate properly on the road and the elements nearby, leading to worse accidents.

A really high percentage of people in South Carolina drink to the brink. According to a news article, the percentage of people drinking heavily includes 16.6% of adults.

The reason why people are indulging in binge drinking is not that they are rich enough to afford it. The reason is the complete opposite. The reason is poverty and low income. The median household income of people in South Carolina falls below the average median household income of the US by approx. $10,000 per year. The poverty rate in the state is 15.3%.

It is not the smartest way to deal with the reeling pressure of less income, but people choose to engage in drinking to lessen their suffering.

Illegal Marijuana and Drugs Intake

Driving under the influence not only includes being influenced by alcohol but also drugs and marijuana. South Carolina is also amongst the top ten states where drug use rates are high.

According to figures, about 8.8% of people in South Carolina are exposed to possessing illicit drugs, while the overall national average is 8.82%.

The most commonly cited drug in drug treatment admission is marijuana. Also, a stat says that more than one-third of teens believe that consuming marijuana makes them drive better.

DUI not only includes punishments for alcohol influence but drugs and marijuana too. If you are found driving above the normal limits of marijuana consumption, you can be booked. You can also get arrested if the police officer proves that marijuana consumption affected your driving somehow.

Distracted Driving

South Carolina is also known for high distracted driving rates. Not just driving under influence fatalities, but overall road fatalities are high in South Carolina, accounting for 20.5 fatalities per 100,000 people.

Also, a major city of South Carolina, Greenville, reels from a similar state of road accidents. The most common reasons for distracted driving as stated in StateWise research includes texting while driving, checking emails and accessing cell phone in some way while driving.

Penalties for DUI

The penalties are some in DUI for marijuana, drugs, and alcohol. The convict will have their license suspended for 90 days, may have to pay fines, and have to spend jail time in severe cases.

If you are a first-time offender, you may still have to face at least one day to 30 days of jail time. If the BAC is found to be greater than 0.16%, you will have to be ready for 30 to 90 days of jail time.

The fines for DUI can vary from $400 to $1000 depending on the level of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content).

Also, if you are convicted, you will necessarily have to undergo the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program before you will be allowed to drive on roads again.

Contact Our Greenville DUI Defense Lawyers

If you are charged or just arrested in a DUI case, you can choose to stay silent when interviewed and call upon your attorney for help. An experienced DUI defense attorney at The Bateman Law Firm can not only guide you through complicated court and administrative proceedings but we can help you determine your best chances for a successful outcome.

The consequences of causing a DUI fatality are especially serious. So it’s critical to contact a lawyer if you’re accused of DUI in a serious accident.