Greer Man Charged with Fatal DUI Wreck

dollarphotoclub_82506952On June 10, 2015, a Greer resident was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in connection with a deadly wreck three miles north of Greer. The accident occurred on June 8 at approximately 11 PM on State 101 near North Rutherford Road. The crash was so severe that the road was closed for several hours overnight.

The State Highway Patrol has not released all of the details involved in the accident. But, the accident apparently involved the perpetrator’s vehicle striking a moped rider. The victim was a long-time Taylors resident who attended Blue Ridge High School and lived in his childhood home with a wife and a five-year-old son.  He was a cook at local restaurant, Pizza Inn.

How Did the Accident Happen?

According to a coroner’s report, the driver charged with DUI was driving a Kia and crossed into oncoming traffic and struck the victim who was driving a moped following a late shift at work. According to medical reports, the victim was killed immediately at the scene due to blunt force trauma when his moped was allegedly struck by the driver’s vehicle. Reports in the news indicate that the official cause was a traffic accident, but that the driver of the vehicle that struck the victim was under the influence.

What is a DUI in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, individuals with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above are presumed to be legally impaired and would be charged with DUI if caught driving in such a state.  Also, it is illegal to drive a vehicle under the influence of other substances that impair one’s reaction time and thought-process, such as marijuana, cocaine, illegally-obtained prescription medications, and other The BAC is generally measured by a breathalyzer test and/or a blood test. Drivers should remember that everyone processes alcohol differently, so two people who drink the same number of drinks in the same amount of time may have different BACs.  So, if one person has a .06 BAC, another person who drank the same amount may have a BAC of .08 or above. Individuals who go out and drink should be especially careful before driving as they may be more impaired than they think they are and may be arrested, or worse, be involved in a dangerous automobile accident.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney for Help

Should you have any questions about DUI cases for yourself or a loved one, please obtain legal help as soon as possible. The Bateman Law Firm is prepared to help you craft a solid defense if you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Greenville or the surrounding areas.

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