Can Medical Conditions Be Perceived As DUI?

Sometimes a motorist is stopped at a DUI checkpoint and arrested for DUI, even when they have had no alcohol. When this happens, there might be other reasons for their intoxication. There are many medical conditions and medications that can present with symptoms that are very similar to being drunk. In some cases, the driver may have a medical condition and also have a positive BAC test. In such a situation, it often becomes challenging to determine what has caused the driver to resort to erratic or dangerous driving. But the fact is that there are some medical conditions that can be perceived as DUI.

However, do keep in mind that you will have to prove that you were not drunk but actually suffering from a medical condition. Simply making that claim is not sufficient in the eyes of the law.

Here are some ways that you can show that the reason for your DUI is actually a medical condition:

  • If you claim that a medical disorder was responsible for your erratic driving and not alcohol, you will have to do show a letter from a bona fide physician that you really have the condition.


  • You should tell the officer that you have a medical disorder. If the officer finds that you have no BAC, they will most likely take you to the nearest hospital for evaluation. The workup in the hospital will determine what was causing the symptoms. And at the same time, the hospital will measure the alcohol levels in blood and urine.


  • If you have consumed alcohol and also have a medical condition at the time you were arrested for a DUI, you really can’t blame it entirely on your medical condition or medicines. You will need to prove that the effect of the drug was greater than that of the medical condition or medical drugs.

It is best to seek assistance from a DUI lawyer in Greenville if you are in such a situation. The DUI attorney will hire a medical expert who will evaluate your medical history and your condition and determine whether it was the medical disorder or alcohol that was the factor behind the erratic driving. This will also help you establish whether you can use your medical condition as a reason for your DUI-like state.

What medications can cause DUI like symptoms?

Almost any drug that works on the brain can cause symptoms like confusion, anxiety, sedation lethargy, irritability, and forgetfulness. The most common medications include antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines, or medications used to treat headaches or migraine.

What medical disorders can cause DUI like symptoms?

Some common disorders that can present with DUI like symptoms include diabetes, low blood sugar, stroke, migraine, a panic attack, extremely high blood pressure, vision loss, heart attack, ruptured aneurysm, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and a variety of infections. The most common medical disorder that can present with DUI like symptoms is low blood sugar.

However, if you have alcohol in your bloodstream at the same time, you will need to explain how it got there and what role did it play. In general, if you have a heart attack while driving and have a low level of alcohol in blood, your DUI lawyer in Greenville can hire a medical expert who can vouch that the problem was caused by the heart attack. However, if you have high blood alcohol levels and have a heart attack at the same time, then convincing the judge and jury that alcohol was not responsible will require a lot of effort on the part of your DUI attorney.

Is alcohol a remedy for any medical disorder?

Alcohol is sometimes used to lower cholesterol levels. But the amount of alcohol that is recommended is minimal- just a glass of wine every day. This amount will not raise your BAC significantly to impair driving. Plus, if you are arrested for DUI at midnight, it can be hard to convince the judge/jury that you consumed alcohol at night to lower your blood cholesterol.

Contact a DUI Lawyer in Greenville

If you have a medical condition and have been arrested for a DUI, the best advice is to get in touch with a DUI attorney and let them get the facts, medical reports and determine if you have a case. Call a DUI lawyer in Greenville at The Bateman Law Firm and they will discuss the details of your case and will let you know whether you can use your medical condition as a possible explanation for your DUI.

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