Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A DUI Attorney in Greenville

Are you involved in a DUI case? Do you want to file a lawsuit against the accused? Do you need the help of a DUI attorney in Greenville for filing the case?

Hiring a DUI attorney can be of great help in reducing your jail time, submitting to the Breathalyzer test, getting your driver’s license suspended, committing to community service, and so much more. First, however, make sure you know how to hire a DUI attorney.

A DUI attorney can make or break your case. Therefore, it is essential to make no mistakes when hiring a DUI attorney.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

Hiring a Non-DUI Attorney

It is always advisable to hire an attorney that works precisely as a DUI attorney. A general attorney deals in all sorts of cases and, as a result, isn’t too well versed in any of them.

An attorney who works solely as a DUI attorney has an advantage over such general attorneys. An experienced DUI attorney will know the ins and out of dealing with DUI cases and would have solved several DUI cases similar to yours.

DUI attorneys have been defending them successfully with the experience and knowledge gained in all these years.

They are also well acquainted with the DUI laws and know what necessary steps should be taken at each phase starting from the very first day. They also know how to challenge the various sobriety test results and much more.

Falling for Advertised Lawyers

Do you plan to hire the first lawyer you come across through newspaper ads, billboards, or online ads? That’s like calling trouble for yourself.

There can be several DUI attorneys in your state that are worthy. Such lawyers aren’t dependent on advertising to get cases and also charge fees that fit your bill.

The attorneys that are visible on billboards usually charge more to cover up their advertising costs.

Failing to Do Homework

Researching and doing proper homework before hiring a DUI attorney is a must. But don’t usually have the luxury to spend months searching for a perfect DUI attorney. Moreover, it is not like you take the help of defense attorneys now and then.

Therefore, the best and speedy way to lookup for a DUI attorney is through contacts. Ask for the reference from your family, friends and close acquaintances. If you could find few DUI attorneys from your network, further work upon researching them online. Look out for the reviews and websites of such attorneys. Find out if they work for a law firm, have experience, and other necessary information.

Once you get the contact information, you can call for the free consultation many lawyers provide these days.

Not Asking Enough Questions

What happens during the consultation call with DUI lawyers? You have to ask the right questions and interview them. The way the attorney answers your queries is how you decide to trust him with your case further. Some of the necessary questions you should ask on the first meeting with your DUI attorney should include:

  • The experience in dealing with DUI cases
  • The number of DUI or criminal defense cases handled
  • The number of cases he/she is defending currently
  • The track record of the lawyer against DUI charges
  • Will he be handling the case personally, or someone else from his firm will be handling it?
  • Do they offer any payment plans?
  • What is the method of payment (contingency fee or fixed hourly rate) and the estimate of the cost?
  • Does he see any potential in the case, and would he suggest filing the case or not?

Replying on Public Defending Lawyers

Yes, most states provide the advantage of assigning a public defender to your case for free if you can’t afford a private defense attorney.

However, you should not rely on public defenders for the case because they are already loaded with hundreds of cases. They may not be able to provide due attention to your case. You may also not be able to talk to the attorney outside the court. This leads to a communication gap and refrains you from sharing necessary information with the public defender.

You need to have a clear open and shut case if you choose a public defender to fight your case.

Contact the Best Greenville DUI Lawyers

Make sure to avoid the above mistakes when hiring a DUI lawyer. Talk to him at large and explain your situation in detail without leaving out minor details as well.

If you are looking for a DUI attorney in Greenville, we are here to help out. Contact us to learn more.