Do You Really Need An Attorney For a DUI Charge?

A DUI can be a pretty serious offense and also a costly affair to deal with. Most people think it’s best to hire an attorney to deal with all the charges. But is it essential that you hire an attorney for a DUI charge? And what should be the right course of action? Let’s find out.

When You Need a DUI Attorney

Here are some circumstances where you definitely need a DUI defense attorney on your side.

Blood Alcohol Level Over the Legal Limit

An excellent way to know if you need a DUI attorney is to figure out your blood alcohol level at the time of your arrest. Every state of the United States has made it mandatory to be charged with a DUI if your blood alcohol level is above the state’s legal limit. As of 2020, the limit is .08 in all US States and Puerto Rico and .05 in Utah.

In a DUI arrest, if your BAC level is greater than the legally permissible limit as recorded by the officer searching, you have very little chance that you can be let off. So, the first thing you should know is if your blood alcohol level is above 0.8 or not. And if it is not and you’re still charged, then an attorney can quickly help get the case turned over. If it is, having an attorney would just become a formality at that point.

Your License Hangs In The Balance

Over 48 states, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands have all passed laws that allow police officers to immediately confiscate your driver’s license and suspend it if you are caught with a DUI; that is if you fail a sobriety test or fail blood alcohol breathe analyzer test, your license can easily be confiscated and suspended no matter what you say or do.

This is an administrative sanction and is independent of any criminal proceedings against you. Thus, with or without a lawyer, you are still likely to lose your license anyway. But if you believe they made a mistake, an attorney doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. And if you get acquitted, an attorney can help you find the right form at the Department of Motor Vehicles to reverse the suspension.

Any Other Charges or Circumstances at the Time of the DUI

If anything about your particular situation is a bit more complicated than usual and involves some other charges as well, like a repeated offense, property damage, physical injury to someone, then you might be charged with “aggravating circumstances.”

When it’s not your regular breath analyzer fail type DUI, hiring an attorney could be helpful since they are well trained to mitigate the damage and reduce your charges to as minimum as possible.

In Case You Are Really Innocent

Sometimes the police do make mistakes and get the wrong guy. And if you think that you are one such person, then do not hesitate to hire yourself an attorney because it is always better to have someone argue your case in court than to discuss it yourself.

Ways That an Attorney’s Help Would Be Useful

DUI cases are usually open and close. And the most a lawyer can do in such a situation is prepare you for your day in court. Some requirements are required of you while you are going through the court proceedings, and an attorney can help you present your case in the best way possible.

An attorney can help you file several forms with the department of motor vehicles and help you get your license back. Also, an attorney can help you attend through some alcohol education programs or any treatment programs as required.

There are several things that the court requires you to go through, and a lawyer can help you go through all of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Contact Our Greenville DUI Defense Attorneys

All in all, an attorney can be an excellent fit for you and also help you with several legal troubles that you couldn’t handle on your own. However, an attorney can also be another bill that you have to pay unnecessarily. Each case is different from the rest, and it would be best to plan your situation well and make the decision on your own.

That said, if you are looking for an attorney for a DUI charge, we are here to help you. Taking care of legal proceedings and helping you with a quick resolution as soon as possible – our DUI attorneys take care of all the cases and provide the needed guidance. Contact us today to learn more.

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