What Is Considered Public Disorderly Conduct in SC?

Alcohol intoxication causes people to make mistakes in South Carolina and especially Clemson. Many of them end up charged with public disorderly conduct. When it happens, the best way to avoid a conviction is to work with a Clemson criminal defense lawyer. The sooner they start working on the case, the higher their chances of winning are.

However, many Clemson residents choose to take matters into their own hands. They consider their offense insignificant, and they think they can get away with it. Although the penalties are not high, they can negatively impact the future of anyone convicted.

Obtaining a job or proving credibility with a criminal conviction on record is difficult. No one appreciates persons who drink in excess and lose control. Many times, the ones who put up with the consequences are the loved ones of the convicted. Children laugh at other children in school, and people gossip about one another when given reasons.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can prevent all that. The key thing is to call them early and tell them everything about the case. In return, they will explain the applicable laws and penalties. They will answer questions, provide advice, and identify the best defense strategy. Here is the basic information a Clemson criminal defense lawyer may provide to their clients.

How SC Law Defines Public Disorderly Conduct

South Carolina Code Section 16-17-530 regulates public disorderly conduct. The persons found guilty of it are usually in one of the following three situations:

  1. They are on a highway or in a public place or gathering in a severe state of intoxication. They conduct themselves in a boisterous or disorderly manner.
  2. Use obscene language on a highway, in a public place, or in the proximity of schoolhouses or churches.
  3. While intoxicated or feigning intoxication, they discharge a pistol, gun, or another firearm. They would have to do so without cause and within 50 yards of a highway or public road.

Taken separately, these offenses may not seem like a big deal. However, things could easily escalate, depending on who witnesses them. That is probably what the law aims to prevent. Those guilty of the above will face misdemeanor charges. In case of conviction, they will pay a fine of up to $100 or spend up to 30 days in jail.

The best way to avoid a conviction is to consult a criminal defense lawyer in Clemson, SC. The latter will analyze the case details and identify the best defense strategy. With their help, any of the above-described situations can remain just a bad memory.

Defense Strategies a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clemson May Use

Each case is unique. An experienced criminal defense attorney will assess the details before making promises. The burden of proving the misdemeanor falls on the state. The lawyer will try to make things more difficult for them by employing the most suitable strategies. Here are some of them:

  • Challenging intoxication. The lawyer may argue that their client was not intoxicated. Another option is to blame their client’s condition of intoxication with prescribed medicines. They may request new tests or question the results of the available ones.
  • Challenging the behavior. A skilled criminal defense lawyer may be able to prove that the police misjudged their client’s behavior. In order to succeed, they may use testimonies from the scene, character witnesses, and recordings. They may even turn to similar case precedents.
  • Challenging the location of the offense. As the term suggests, public disorderly conduct occurs in public places, on roads and highways. Some criminal defense attorneys may succeed in showing that their client was on private property. If they succeed, the authorities will have to drop charges.

The lawyer’s approach will depend on the details of each case. It is important to note that the attorney will discuss every step of the case with their client. If the latter does not agree with their strategy, they will find a new one. They will keep their client informed on the progress and protect their interests at all times.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight Charges of Public Disorderly Conduct in Clemson, SC!

Are you facing accusations of public disorderly conduct? Then you need the best representation. You can find it at The Bateman Law Firm. To benefit, call 844-DUI-ALLY and schedule a case review. Our Clemson criminal defense lawyer will gladly analyze your case and provide advice. With their help, you will get all the answers you need and you will avoid a criminal conviction.

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