How Does An Out-Of-State DUI Conviction Affect Your License In Greenville, SC?

There was a time when motorists with DUI charges out of state did not have their record of conviction transferred to the state where they originally got their driver’s license. Today, however, with the availability of high tech and digital technology, all law enforcement agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles in all states share data. Especially those related to driving accidents and DUI arrests. If you have an out-of-state DUI conviction and need more information regarding its impact on your local license, you should speak to your Greenville DUI attorneys.

You need to know that if you an out-of-state DUI charge and/or if you have failed or refused a breathalyzer, this information will go on your record. In addition, this record will be shared with the DMV and law enforcement of your home state. In such a situation, it is best to speak to your Greenville DUI attorneys as they can tell you about the penalties you will face in that state. Your lawyer will also tell you what to expect from authorities in South Carolina.

Keep in mind that no matter what state you get charged in with a DUI, it is a serious offense. You have to face the charges and penalties imposed upon you in the state that you were charged in. You will also face additional penalties in your home state of South Carolina.

Here is a quick overview of some key issues that you need to be aware of with respect to an out-of-state DUI conviction and its impact in your home state.

Implied Consent Issues Out of State

In South Carolina, when an officer stops you on suspicion of drunk driving, he may ask you to perform the breathalyzer test. Because of the implied consent law, if you refuse, your car can be impounded, and you can be arrested. However, the good news is that if you did this in another state, your home state of South Carolina will not recognize or consider out of state implied consent violations. Talk to your Greenville DUI attorneys for more information in this regard.

Out of State Suspensions

When it comes to suspension of your driver’s license, the majority of US states work in unison. Hence, if you get a DUI in another state and the conviction results in the suspension of your driver’s license, the status of your license will remain the same when you return to South Carolina. You will have to finish the suspension first before you can legally drive again in your home state. In addition, you will have to meet all the requirements of the DMV before you get permission to drive again.

Charges and Penalties

If a motorist from South Carolina gets a DUI in another state, the South Carolina DMV will apply the following charges or penalties on their return to the home state:

  1. License suspension of six months in case of a first offense.
  2. Required to enter a rehabilitation program for alcohol counseling which costs about $500.
  3. If the DUI was the first offense and the BAC was <0.15%, the driver may qualify for a ‘temporary license.’
  4. If the BAC was high (>0.15%), the court may order an alcohol ignition interlock program. All the costs will be the driver’s responsibility.
  5. If the driver has had multiple DUIs, the above penalties will be much severe.

Contact the Greenville DUI Attorneys at The Bateman Law Firm

Drunk driving, whether in-state or out-of-state, is never a good idea. If you have a DUI in another state and you need assistance in dealing with the charges, contact the Greenville DUI attorneys at The Bateman Law Firm. We have a team of attorneys who have handled numerous DUI cases. They have also dealt with Greenville drivers who have had an out-of-state DUI charge or conviction. Call our Greenville DUI attorneys today and find out how they can help you deal with the charges. They can ensure that you end up paying minimum penalties, and can quickly resolve issues related to your driver’s license.