The Importance of Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases

greenville_sc_upstate_lawyer_legal_advice_claimIn criminal cases, there are extremely high risks for the accused. There is the risk of incarceration of course, but not just the issue of being imprisoned but the length of imprisonment as opposed to probation or other criminal penalties such as fines.

Additionally, there are various other issues that relate to a potential conviction. These can include things such as issues relating to voting rights, occupational restrictions (in that certain jobs may become unattainable after a felony conviction), and unfortunately a stigma that may follow someone even after serving a sentence.


Like many other criminal actions, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can carry significant penalties. In DUI matters, there are significant monetary penalties and risk of imprisonment as well as restrictions on driving privileges. Each of these penalties can vary depending on the level of intoxication in a given situation. Additionally, for each of the individual charges, there can be increased penalties for each additional conviction.

Lookback Periods

In the case of certain crimes, such as DUI convictions, the penalties may increase with additional convictions. For instance, the penalties in terms of fines will likely increase for each conviction of a an additional DUI within the lookback period.

The lookback period is the period of time in which the state will review prior convictions in determining sentencing in a future case. For instance, if you have a prior DUI conviction within the lookback period, you may face higher penalties such as a longer jail time, longer suspension of driving privileges or requirement to use an ignition interlock device.

Benefits of Legal Assistance

Facing a serious criminal charge is highly risky for the accused because the potential penalties are extremely serious. A lawyer can help advise you on options regarding criminal cases and the risks therein. Also, an attorney can of course help ensure that you have a satisfactory criminal defense to protect your rights.

An attorney can be critical as soon as someone is apprehended. A person’s constitutional right to remain silent and not to self-incriminate are key rights for individuals facing criminal charges. Attorneys can also help to ensure that other evidence that may incriminate a defendant is appropriately gathered by the police.

Individuals facing criminal charges should also note that attorneys can be important in helping defendants receive all of the necessary legal help before, during, and after a trial. An attorney can help to ensure that a defendant’s civil rights are appropriately protected and that the defendant understands what legal issues he may be facing and how best to deal with them.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer For DUI Help

If you have any questions about your legal rights as a criminal defendant, it is critical that you reach out to a lawyer for assistance. The Bateman Law Firm is prepared to assist you with your case if you need legal defense in Greenville or the rest of South Carolina. Reach out to us today for a consultation on your case.