Two-Car DUI Accident Causes One Death in Summerville

Two-car DUI accident causes one death, a two-car collision caused by a drunk driver resulted in the death of a woman on Thursday, October 10. The crash took place near Midland Parkway on the 4300 block of the Ladson Road. It involved a Silver Mercedes and a Ford Expedition.

According to the eye witnesses, the collision was followed by a loud sound upon which they rushed to the site of the accident. Following the collision, the Mercedes caught fire. The witnesses quickly removed the driver of the Mercedes who was partially hanging out of the window.

Police and Emergency Medical Services rushed to the scene of the accident. The Mercedes driver, who has now been identified as Tiffany Washington of Summerville, died from her severe injuries at the spot. Garrett Robert Clark, 22, was driving the Ford Expedition at the time. He also sustained injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Following the accident, the police closed down one of the lanes on the Ladson Road. This was done so that accident reconstruction experts could gather the relevant details and evidence from the site of the crash.

The authorities were able to test Clark’s blood sample which turned out positive for alcohol. He currently faces charges for felony DUI. Compared to a standard DUI which is a misdemeanor unless it is the third or fourth time, a DUI accident causing injury or death of another is considered a felony in South Carolina.

The penalties for felony DUI in cases that involve death of a party include a minimum fine of 10,100 and a maximum fine of $25,100. At the same time, the guilty driver also faces a minimum jail time of one year and a maximum prison sentence of 25 years. Penalties also include license suspension for the duration of incarceration plus another 3 years.

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