What Are the Penalties for Using a Fake ID in South Carolina?

On South Carolina campuses, fake IDs sell like candy. Clemson girls and boys alike turn to them to seem older than they really are. It is their response to the strict laws governing underage drinking, smoking, and clubbing. Since the demand is high, the industry is booming. To counteract the trend, South Carolina laws impose severe penalties for using a fake ID.

The young, however, do not seem to care. Statistics say that more than 60 percent of college students turn to fake IDs to facilitate underage drinking. To discourage them, the authorities are turning to technology. They use apps to detect fake IDs. What happens when they catch minors in possession of fake IDs? They press charges. This could lead to two different outcomes:

1. The minor admits their fault and accepts the penalties for using a fake ID

This is never a good idea. No one cares that most teenagers break the law. Those caught have to put up with the consequences. The consequences range from fines and jail time to expulsion from the university. Anyone convicted of possessing a fake ID will likely have a hard time finding and keeping a job.

2. The minor or their family hire a DUI lawyer to defend their interests

Working with an experienced DUI lawyer is the best way to fight underage drinking and fake ID charges. The attorney will analyze the case details, the available evidence, and devise a defense strategy. They will most likely get their client off the hook and help them keep a clean record.

Obviously, the second outcome is preferable to the first. In order to understand why, it may help to review South Carolina penalties for using a fake ID. We will do so in the following lines.

Laws and Penalties for Using a Fake ID to Facilitate Underage Drinking in Clemson, SC

SC Code § 63-19-2450 prohibits minors from falsely representing their age to facilitate underage drinking. Those who do it will face charges of a misdemeanor. In case of conviction, they risk a fine of up to $200 and spending up to thirty days in prison. The penalties grow for repeat offenders.

Also, those proven guilty will have to complete a DAODAS program. It is a program meant to prevent alcohol consumption and educate the young regarding it. Its duration is of at minimum eight hours. The costs, of up to $150, will be the responsibility of the student.

Students face charges for possession of fake ID when:

  • They display or possess a canceled, suspended, revoked, or altered SC ID card or driver’s license.
  • Lend their ID or driving license to a minor.
  • Use a driver’s license they acquired fraudulently as their own.
  • Use a false name when applying for a driver’s license or an ID card.
  • Allow the illegal use of their ID card or driver’s license.

In extreme cases, the penalties can reach a $2,500 fine and 6 months of imprisonment. Besides the penalties imposed by the law, students risk severe penalties from their university. A relevant example refers to the policy of the University of South Carolina. It prohibits:

  • Possession or consumption of alcohol for students younger than 21.
  • Possession of altered or false ID documents.
  • Displaying signs of intoxication in public.
  • Possession of alcohol-related paraphernalia (beer pong tables, empty containers).
  • Keeping alcohol containers open in open spaces and public areas.
  • Possession of alcohol in residential rooms on the campus.
  • Furnishing or distributing alcohol to underage students.
  • Supplying alcohol containers offering unrestricted access at student organizations and on campus.

Those found guilty risk expulsion from the university. This is another reason to work with a Clemson DUI attorney. The latter will not rest until they drop the charges and see their clients’ record and future secured.

Hire a DUI Lawyer from The Bateman Firm to Fight Possession of Fake ID Charges in Clemson, SC

Are you charged with possession of fake ID? Your best way to avoid a conviction is to work with a Clemson DUI lawyer. The latter will help you understand the laws in force, fight charges, and keep your record clean. With their help, you will avoid fines, imprisonment, and sanctions from your university.

You can find an experienced and dedicated DUI lawyer at The Bateman Firm. Schedule a consultation now, by calling 864-406-6036! This is your best chance to avoid penalties for using a fake ID and protect your future!

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