Welcome Scotty Roberson to Our Team!

1Scotty was acquired by The Bateman Law Firm as an investigator after a fourteen year career in Law Enforcement, in which his area of operations were DUI detection and drug-related offenses.  Scotty received numerous accolades in his career such as the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (A.C.E.) Distinction in 2000 by the Office of the Director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.  He was awarded the Greenville County Sherriff’s Office Distinguished Service Award while assigned to their Traffic Enforcement Unit.  In 2001 he received the Traffic Safety Officer (TSO) designation by the Office of the Governor of South Carolina, the highest designation available to a traffic officer in the state.

Upon leaving law enforcement, Scotty became a highly sought after impaired driving consultant, and has worked with attorneys nationwide on issues related to DUI/DWI cases.  Having been affiliated with numerous professional organizations nationally, Scotty is called “The DUI Detective” by his colleagues due to his ability to uncover the smallest errors in DUI cases.

Scotty has presented to law schools, colleges, public defenders, and private defense attorneys on all aspects of DUI defense.  He has been qualified to testify in courts on the subject of DUI field testing and breath testing procedures.  Scotty has completed the Datamaster/DMT breath testing supervisor program at the National Patent factory in Ohio.  This is the only device approved by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for breath testing in South Carolina.  Scotty is qualified as a practitioner and instructor of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration DUI Detection and Field Sobriety Testing curriculum, and has received advanced training in the Drug Recognition Expert curriculum.

Scotty has reviewed thousands of DUI cases in South Carolina and across the country on behalf of attorneys, using his vast experience and training in order to achieve the best results possible for clients.  The Bateman Law Firm is excited to announce his addition to the team.

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