What Happens if a Commercial Driver is Charged with DUI in Greenville, South Carolina?

Nobody wants to be stopped for drunk driving. If you’ve been out and had a few cocktails, you know the feeling. The red and blue lights come flashing behind you. For a moment, you convince yourself that the cops are going to pass you by. Then, the next thing you know, you’re being pulled over.

It doesn’t take much for you to blow over the legal limit. For most drivers, a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher is all it takes to be arrested for DUI. However, if you’re a commercial driver, that number is even lower.

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’re a commercial driver, you’re held to a higher standard. The lawmakers figure you drive for a living so you should take it more seriously. They also know that you spend a good deal of your time on the road. It’s important that you always be driving safely. Drinking just one beer or drink is all it takes to make you unfit to drive.

If you are a professional driver, you need to understand the laws for DUI in South Carolina. Not only is your personal driver’s license at stake. So is your career. That’s why you need to call an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Greenville if you’re stopped and arrested for DUI.

What is the Law in Greenville for a Commercial Driver Convicted of DUI?

If you’re stopped for DUI in Greenville, expect a few things to happen. You’re going to be asked to submit to a breath test. This test will measure your blood alcohol concentration. Of course, you have the right to refuse this test. Just know that, if you do, your commercial driver’s license will be suspended for a period of one (1) year.

The other thing you’re going to have to do is perform a field sobriety test. If you don’t perform well on this test, you will be arrested and charged with DUI. Even if you think you perform quite well, that doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested. The police officer may interpret your results differently than a normal person would. That’s why you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Greenville. If they think the police unfairly administered the test or misinterpreted the results, they’ll challenge your arrest and try to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Depending on the traffic stop, you may be arrested for DUI. In South Carolina, any driver with a BAC of .08 or higher will be charged with DUI. However, if you’re a commercial driver, this number is much lower. Any commercial driver with a BAC of .04 or higher can be charged with DUI in Greenville.

What are the Penalties for a Commercial Driver Convicted of DUI in South Carolina?

If you are convicted of DUI and you’re a commercial driver, the penalties are quite severe. If it’s your first conviction for DUI, your CDL is going to be suspended for at least one (1) year. That is twice as long as the suspension for a normal driver. This penalty is true whether you’re convicted of DUI while on the job or not.

If you’re caught driving while intoxicated in a personal vehicle, you’ll automatically lose your CDL for one year. And, if you’re driving your commercial vehicle and blow .04 or higher, the same thing will happen. On top of this, you’ll face being terminated from your position. You’ll also face possible jail time and fines. The amount will depend on whether it’s your first offense or not. It will also depend on whether your Greenville DUI attorney can get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Contact a Skilled DUI Defense Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina

If you get arrested for DUI, there’s a lot at stake. This is true no matter what you do for a living. But if you’re a commercial driver, your entire livelihood is at stake. It’s not a matter of waiting for the 6 months to pass while your license is suspended. There’s a good chance you’ll lose your job. And, if it’s not your first offense, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your commercial driver’s license for good.

Rather than risk this happening, you should call and talk to an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Greenville right away. Sit down with someone who’s an expert when it comes to South Carolina DUI law. There is simply too much at stake to try to handle this on your own. Call today and schedule your initial consultation.