What Is the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program?

greenville_sc_upstate_dui_lawyerIn South Carolina, the state courts have various tools at their disposal to punish or help to rehabilitate individuals who have been charged and convicted of Driving under the Influence (DUI).  Of course, courts have the ability to sentence those charged with criminal offenses to serve jail sentences. In the case of DUI convictions, a court can require other sentences to defendants. This can include requiring a defendant to install an ignition interlock device to ensure that the defendant cannot drive while drunk. A court may also revoke the driving privileges of a convicted defendant depending on the facts of a case or a history of prior DUI convictions within the so-called look back period. And, finally, a court may order a defendant to attend a state-sanctioned Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program.

Alcohol Safety Programs

The Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program in South Carolina is intended to reduce future alcohol and drug-related accidents. The program also covers individuals convicted of operating boats while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Under South Carolina law, an individual convicted of DUI must enroll within thirty days in an alcohol safety program. Individuals who are eligible for a provisional or restricted driver’s license following a conviction will likely be required to take an alcohol safety program.

The state offers community-based alcohol safety programs throughout the state for individuals to have a reasonable opportunity to take such courses to meet their legal requirements.

The Program Is Required to Obtain a Provisional Driver’s License

The courts require that individuals convicted of a DUI meet a number of requirements to obtain a provisional driver’s license. Timely enrolling in, and successfully completing an, alcohol safety program is one of the requirements that state law requires individuals meet before a provisional driver’s license will be issued. Also, the following requirements must be met:

  1. An individual convicted of DUI must have possessed a valid driver’s license at the time of the violation;
  2. The individual must not have had a prior DUI conviction within the past ten years;
  3. The individual’s driver’s license must not be suspended for any other reason;
  4. The individual must demonstrate proof of financial responsibility to the DMV; and
  5. The individual must pay the required fee to obtain the appropriate license to the DMV.

If the convicted driver fails to meet these requirements then the state will not issue a provisional driver’s license following a DUI conviction and the driver will not be permitted to drive.

What If I Live Outside of South Carolina?

If you live in another state other than South Carolina, you likely will have to attend South Carolina’s alcohol safety program, or possibly a different program that is sponsored by your home state in order to maintain or receive a license.

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