What Is The Difference Between Wet Reckless Law And A DUI?

When a person has been charged with a DUI, sometimes the charge can be reduced to what is known as Wet Reckless driving. In most cases, the penalties for wet reckless driving are less severe than for an actual charge of DUI. However, it is important to remember that even though reduced, a wet reckless charge is still a serious charge.

A driver can have a wet reckless charge when they are accused of being drunk. In general, law enforcement officers do not arrest someone with a wet reckless charge. For that to happen, you first have to be charged with a DUI and then have the charge reduced. Wet reckless law is applied to individuals who are suspected of being drunk or under the influence of some type of drug. But it is not definite that it is alcohol that is the culprit. Simply being intoxicated does not mean you can be arrested as long as you do not exhibit behavior that is dangerous or a threat to others, However, if you are drunk and exhibit dangerous driving, you will be arrested for a DUI.

In some cases, a DUI lawyer can get your DUI charge lowered to wet reckless. This option has both pros and cons.

Pros About a Wet Reckless Charge

If your DUI attorney can get your DUI charges reduced to wet reckless charge, the benefits include the following:

  1. Incarceration period is less: In general for even a first time DUI, the incarceration can last 6 months. For repeated DUI convictions, the incarceration period can be 12 months. But if you have a wet reckless charge, the incarceration period is usually 90 days or less.
  2. Decreased monetary penalty: Compared to a DUI, the monetary penalty for a wet reckless charge is much less. The maximum penalty is $1,000, which is far less than a DUI, which can range from $2000 to $10,0000. Hence, a reckless charge is preferred.
  3. License suspension is not mandatory: With a DUI, even with a first time DUI conviction, the license is suspended for 6 months and can go up to 12 months for repeat offenses. However, with a wet reckless charged, the license is not automatically suspended. But you need to ask the administrative court for a hearing. This is a huge advantage over a DUI where you cannot always appeal.
  4. Short probation: A wet reckless charge also comes with a much shorter probation period compared to a DUI charge.

In summary, almost every penalty for the wet reckless charge is much less than a DUI conviction.

What Are the Cons of a Wet Reckless Charge?

If you are a repeat offender of  DUIs, the wet reckless charge will count as a DUI for the purpose of sentencing. In addition, your driver’s license will be automatically suspected. Finally, your insurance company will increase your premiums.

Contact a DUI Attorney at The Bateman Firm

To get the DUI charges dropped to wet reckless, you will need assistance from a DUI lawyer. You can contact a DUI attorney at The Bateman Firm. We do not encourage our clients to drink and drive, but if you were charged with a DUI and you believe that you were not under the influence of alcohol and were not demonstrating dangerous behavior on the road, our DUI attorneys can help you. Contact us immediately, and we will be happy to assist you. There is a significant difference in the penalties associated with a DUI charge and wet reckless charge. Also, there are major differences in how the charges can affect your life in the long run. If you believe that you were not a threat to anyone on the road and if your intoxication level was due to some other problem or issue, you can tell our DUI attorneys the complete story. Our goal is to help you during this tough time and to ensure that you get minimum penalties. Call our office today and schedule an appointment so that our DUI attorneys can help you. Remember, an unnecessary DUI charge can ruin your life, your career, and your financial situation. Even if you were not guilty of anything, you should take the intelligent step and talk to a DUI attorney. Our lawyers understand how the system works, and together, you can help make our roads safer and discourage the use of drinking among minor and teenager children.

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