Drunk Driving Accidents In Greenville: How To Prevent Them

Causing accidents in Greenville while driving drunk has become an epidemic in our country. Several people consume too much booze and confidently get on their vehicles to go home or any other place. While law enforcement does everything it can to keep heavily intoxicated people away from the roads, there are certain steps we can take to keep us safe from drunk driving accidents in Greenville.

Avoid Late-Night Driving

As annoying as it may be, if you could travel during rush hour, you are less likely to be a part of any major accident due to multiple cars being present on the road at the time. And trying to avoid driving late at night would be great because that’s when most drunk drivers roam the road. Since the roads would be relatively open, it is easier to lose concentration and cause an accident. Avoiding driving late at night altogether would be ideal for you to avoid any untoward accidents.

Also, stay off the road on any widely celebrated holiday such as the 4th of July, St. Patrick’s day, Super Bowl Sunday, Memorial Day, labor day, and more…Statistically speaking, people all over the country, Greenville included, are more likely to drink more on these days than regular days. Therefore, we cannot generally predict which intoxicated person might be on the verge of causing accidents in Greenville. It’s advisable to stay away from roads these days as much as possible.

Stay On The Right Lane At All Times

Heavily intoxicated people lose control and go towards the left side and oncoming traffic. The chances of you being hit are reduced if you stick towards the right lane while traveling in Greenville. If you have to make a left turn anywhere, make sure you are aware of your surroundings while doing so.

Make it a habit not to assume anything on the road. Be it late at night or noon. For example, if a driver turns his left indicator “ON,” there is no guarantee that the driver will turn left at the spot you think they will. For all you know, they don’t even want to turn and turn their indicator “ON” by mistake. Try to have some space between you and the other vehicle you are with on the road, and things would be much easier for you. Drunk drivers are less predictable than regular drivers. So always be on guard and don’t make any decisions without letting them finish their action first.

Avoid Rural Roads And Two-Lane Highways

Ever notice that many accidents seem to happen on rural roads and two-lane roads? These are the roads that are generally deserted and not very well lit. This makes it a perfect spot for people with fading motor skills to lose control of their vehicle completely, causing accidents in Greenville. Thus, avoiding all such roads if you can help it could save you from any fatal accidents in Greenville.

Also, while traveling, if you come across any vehicle driven erratically, try to check for the make and model of the car and inform the police about the vehicle as soon as possible. Your tip would not be in vain, and the authorities can apprehend someone before they cause any harm to any people on the road or even to themselves. If you are wrong, you might have caused a mild inconvenience to them. If you’re right, you potentially saved lives that night.

Have A Well-Maintained Car to Avoid Accidents in Greenville

Staying up to date on your car’s maintenance, especially your tires, can be life-saving for you when it matters the most. Driving requires you to be on alert at all times, and sometimes, if you need to do sudden breaks to avoid an accident, your tires and engine, along with your brakes, must be in good condition to ensure that you can successfully escape danger when it matters the most.

Call Out And Discourage Drunk Driving Among Your Friends And Colleagues

If you discourage the practice consistently, eventually, everyone would feel the same as you do and give up driving when they are done. This can go a long way for you, your family, and your friends.


If you can follow these safety tips, there is a good chance that you can prevent drunk driving accidents in Greenville. However, if you still end up in a drunk driving accident in Greenville and are unsure what to do next, contact our expert DUI attorneys today.

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