DUI Lawyer: What Does It Cost to Hire One?

Facing a DUI conviction could be quite a nightmare and you may need a DUI lawyer to help. Like in other states, DUI cases in South Carolina attract severe penalties like jail time and fines. If you’ve discovered the need to hire a DUI Lawyer in Greenville, SC, that’s an additional item on your list of worries.

How much will a DUI lawyer charge? This is one common question asked by defendants. Unfortunately, it is also why many of them fail to get legal representation.  This article discusses how much DUI attorneys cost in Greenville to help you choose between hiring a lawyer and self-representation. For excellent criminal defense services, contact The Bateman Firm.

What Is a DUI?

DUI stands for driving under the influence. A driver could either be under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs. The most popular cases of DUI are alcohol-related. When motorists drink and drive, they lose complete control of their ability to make the right decisions on the road.

Law enforcement officers could stop a driver on suspicion of DUI and administer an on-the-spot alcohol test. If the analysis shows a 0.08% blood alcohol level. If you operate a commercial vehicle, a BAC level of 0.4 will result in a DUI charge.

How Much Will a DUI Lawyer Charge?

There are no set costs for the services of a DUI attorney in Greenville. Every lawyer won’t charge the same amount or the same way. Some lawyers will charge a flat fee, while others will use an hourly rate.

Your lawyer will likely charge a flat fee if you are open to a plea bargain. Your attorney could also opt for a flat fee if your case does not require a plea bargain. For hourly rates, you can expect a charge of $150 to $500 per hour. Note that your lawyer could charge below or above these price ranges.

DUI lawyers consider several factors when determining their charges for a DUI case. As every case comes with its peculiarities and level of complexity, charges will also differ. Below are the significant factors that will influence the cost of hiring a lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Track-Record of the Attorney

Due to superior talent, skill, and knowledge, some lawyers have recorded more successes than others in DUI cases. Lawyers with an enviable success rate with DUI cases are more likely to charge more. It’s up to you to decide if their price is worth it.

You can consult with several attorneys to compare prices before reaching a decision. However, you should note that the expertise of your lawyer can save you more. For example, better lawyers can help you avoid or reduce fines significantly.

The Attorney’s Case Load

For some reason, a lawyer or law firm could have a lot of cases on their table. One of these reasons could be a higher demand for their services due to location. More cases mean less free time for the lawyer. Therefore, the greater the number of cases on a lawyer’s desk, the higher they will likely charge. They do this to reduce their workload.

The Length of Time and Amount of Work Your Case Demands

Every case is unique, and experienced lawyers know what it would require to conclude. Some cases will naturally take more time than others, and more time usually means more effort from your attorney.

Some cases may last a few months, while others could extend for over a year. Therefore, lawyers won’t forget to factor their predicted duration in determining your charges. Most times, lawyers will charge per hour for cases they predict will last for long.

DUI Laws in South Carolina

The DUI laws in South Carolina spell out possible penalties for DUI convictions. The gravity of DUIs depends on prior DUI convictions in the past ten years and the BAC level. DUI penalties have several dimensions.

Apart from jail time, other possible penalties include community service, enrollment in an alcohol treatment program, fines, and loss of driver’s license. In addition, the penalties are more severe for multiple offenders, persons with more than 0.15% BAC, and drivers who refuse a breath, blood, or urine test.

Why Get a DUI Lawyer in Greenville?

It is okay to have doubts about getting a DUI defense lawyer. The prospect of saving up on lawyer’s fees could be tempting. And you might be skeptical about how much impact a lawyer can have on the outcome of your case. If you are still undecided on whether you should get a DUI lawyer, consider the conviction rate of DUIs in South Carolina.

According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) report, only 42% of DUI cases in Greenville ended up with convictions. When you compare this statistic to the national average of 68%, this is cheering news. But experience matters in DUI cases, and lawyers have this background. By getting a skillful lawyer, you have a greater chance of escaping a DUI conviction in South Carolina.

A good DUI defense lawyer will help you carry out a thorough investigation of the case. An inquiry can unravel facts that could work in your favor. A knowledgeable DUI attorney knows what facts to look for and dig out.

Contact Bateman Law Firm for Excellent Legal Representation

At Bateman Law Firm, we have built a reputation for success in DUI defense. For us, success means a reduced sentence or outright dismissal of your case. Every case we handle is a golden opportunity to consolidate our track record of success. As a result, we will take thorough measures to ensure you get off the hook.

At The Bateman Firm, you will get a Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer that knows what is at stake. We show this through the professionalism we bring to your case, from the investigation to the court representation. Hiring our services will give you a better chance of winning. So give us a call now to schedule a free initial consultation.

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