DUI Checkpoints Spiking on Holidays

greenville-sc-dui-attorney-dui-checkpointsWhile the concern over driver and passenger safety is always on the mind of South Carolina local police and state troopers, law enforcement officials often step up their efforts on holidays.

Police increase their scrutiny over safe driving, particularly DUIs, during holidays due to the high number of people who are traveling on the roads on those days and the higher number of people who may drink too much at parties and then drive home afterwards, potentially endangering others.

Holidays such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and also the night of the Super Bowl often have a disproportionate number of DUIs because many people attend parties and drink too much and then attempt to drive home.

South Carolina state troopers carefully patrol the highways throughout the state in order to find drunk drivers as well as aggressive drivers or other drivers who pose a danger to others.

Increase in Traffic Fatalities in 2015

Compared to 2014, there have already been more traffic fatalities in South Carolina as of July 2015. In all of 2014, there were only 381 automobile crash-related deaths, while only halfway through 2015, there were 435 deaths. Tragic DUI-related deaths often lead to stricter law enforcement activity.

This disheartening statistic only reaffirms the belief among law enforcement that strict enforcement of traffic laws is necessary to ensure safety on the roads.

DUI enforcement can take various approaches. One approach is for law enforcement to simply maintain a keen eye while monitoring traffic conditions for unusual driving that looks like it may show that the driver may be driving under the influence. Another approach is to set up specific DUI checkpoints in which every, or most, cars are stopped and the drivers and passengers are visually inspected to determine whether they are inebriated or not. State troopers may require drivers to participate in field sobriety tests such as walking in a straight line, reciting numbers or the alphabet or other tests if it appears that the driver may be intoxicated at the checkpoint.

Increased Traffic and Dangerous Driving on Holidays

Individuals driving on holidays and holiday weekends should remember how busy the roads will invariably be as millions of people from across the country come out to vacation or to visit family or friends. The sheer volume of cars on the highways, not to mention aggressive drivers and others who may violate the law while attempting to get from point A to point B, increase the likelihood of accidents.

Drivers should practice defensive driving techniques to protect themselves and their fellow drivers at all times, but especially during busy travel times such as holiday weekends.

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