The Different Effects that Drinking Has On Different People

dollarphotoclub_84896484The long-running police reality television show, Cops, often featured people who claimed to have driven after drinking “two beers.”  Invariably, it was “two beers” no matter how inebriated the person appeared to be.  Assuming some of these people had only two beers, the idea that two beers would not intoxicate some people is a faulty argument.  Also, the circumstances surrounding when the drinks are consumed, and whether consumed alone or with a meal, will affect how the alcohol will be processed in the body.

Everyone Processes Alcohol Differently

Alcohol is processed differently by each person. Depending on the nature of the person’s biological makeup alcohol may be processed slightly differently, meaning that the alcohol may be processed and broken down by the body differently resulting in different levels of inebriation for different people who have consumed the same amount of alcohol.

Blood alcohol content is a measure of alcohol to a person’s blood at a given point in time.  Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream after it is consumed and is absorbed in about an hour.  How much one drinks, the speed in which one drinks the alcohol, one’s body weight, and whether the person is drinking on an empty stomach can significantly affect BAC.

As a result of the various factors that can influence BAC level, it is difficult to provide precise BAC guidelines based only on the number of drinks. Drinkers need to be very careful and aware of their physical well-being when drinking to take appropriate safeguards to avoid violating DUI laws or putting themselves or others in danger.

All Drinks are Not All Created Equal

Alcohol drinks vary in their alcoholic strength dramatically. For example, one 12-ounce glass of beer has approximately the same amount of alcohol as five ounces of wine or a single shot of 80-proof liquor. Of course, that approximation is for beverages of average alcoholic strength. Beer, wine, or liquor that are significantly stronger in alcohol content than average are likely to be far more intoxicating than average ones.

When drinking, people need to be aware of the varying strengths of alcoholic beverages and the differing effects of those drinks on people.

Also, metabolization of alcoholic beverages can differ depending on the speed in which the drinks are consumed. So, two drinks consumed in one hour can be much more debilitating than two drinks consumed over two hours or more.

Further, drinking on an empty stomach can cause people to metabolize alcohol in their bodies at a faster speed causing one’s blood alcohol content to become higher faster.

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