New Moped Law in South Carolina?

Moped drivers have for a long time not had to adhere to strict laws, but that is about to change. There is a new law that took effect on November 19th, 2018 in South Carolina. The bill was set in place to reduce the number of accidents involving mopeds in the state.

The new law means that moped riders will have to answer to the law if they violate any traffic rules. In this way, the police can arrest and charge riders for various offenses that were not there previously.

Moped riders need to educate themselves about the new laws to avoid any issues with the police. However, if you find yourself in trouble with law enforcement, it is best to get an excellent lawyer. He will help you understand the violations you made if any, and ensure that you get the best help.

What Are the New Moped Laws in South Carolina?

From now onwards, there are some strict rules that all moped riders will have to follow. The first is that they have to follow all the traffic laws that other motorists follow. That means that the police can arrest them for things such as driving under the influence. The newly implemented laws are outlined below.

Moped Riders Must Adhere to Traffic Laws

The traffic police can stop a rider and ask them to take the breathalyzer test. They need to have a reason to believe that the rider is intoxicated. That will help in reducing the accidents caused by drunk moped riders.

Moped Riders Must Have A License and Registration

Anyone riding a moped should also have some form a license. It can either be a moped license which they can acquire for $25 or a driver’s license. The moped license will be valid for eight years. It is not a requirement that the owner carries an insurance policy. This is important for motor vehicle drivers to note. They will have to use their uninsured/underinsured motorist policy to seek compensation.

The mopeds have to be registered by the South Carolina State Department of Motor Vehicles. The registration will have to be renewed every two years for $10. That means that all mopeds are also required to have valid license plates. Registration is an essential requirement as it makes it easy to track down the moped in case of theft. It also makes it easier for the police to find and arrest those who violate traffic laws.

Riders Must Wear Protective Helmets

Riders who are 21 years and younger will have to wear helmets, and without them, the police can arrest them. While reflective jackets are not a requirement of the new law, it is encouraged especially at night. The riders should also not be on roads with speed limits of more than 55mph. In addition, they are required to stay in the far right lane of the road except when turning left.

This law is meant to reduce the number and severity of injuries sustained in accidents. It is in response to data showing that moped riders die in accidents just as often as motorcycle riders. It is essential to make the necessary steps to adhere to the law so as not to find yourself in trouble. However, in case of any issue, you can hire an experienced lawyer to help you.

Call Attorney Today for Any Issues Concerning the New Law

While ignorance is no defense, you are still entitled to justice if the police arrest you under this new law. It is best not to ride your moped until you have fulfilled all the requirements. However, if you were not aware of the changes or for some reason the police arrest you, contact an attorney.

Your attorney will work to ensure that even if you have been arrested for DUI, you get a lesser punishment. That may be a fine if it is your first offense. You can contact a DUI lawyer in South Carolina at The Bateman Law Firm in case of any issues with the police. Ensure that you limit how much you say until your lawyer arrives at the station. That ensures that you do not aggravate the situation.

You can contact our offices any time you are in trouble. We will ensure that we have one of our skilled attorneys on your case.

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