Why Dressing Appropriately for Court Is Important

In a court, there is only so much that your attorney can do. While having the best counsel who understands your case is essential, you also have a part to play. Some of the simplest things such as what you wear to court can influence the verdict you get. The judgment will start even before the judge enters the room. If you have a jury, they will look at everything from your body language right down to what you wear. That is why it is essential to dress appropriately for court. You do not have to incur the expense of buying a new suit. However, you should wear something decent and formal. Your look should be well put together to show that you are taking the proceedings seriously.

However, a good Greenville, SC lawyer will advise on what you should wear. Some even have dressing consultants to ensure that you are ready for court. This is one of the many reasons why you need an excellent attorney to represent you.

Advice from A DUI Lawyer in Greenville, SC on What You Shouldn’t Wear to Court

How you present yourself is important when you are going to court since it could make or break your case. There are some clothes – no matter how flattering – that should never be worn. This is because they could work against you. Here are some clothes, shoes, and accessories that you shouldn’t wear to court:

  • Anything too casual such as T-shirts, muscle shirts, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses or tops, jeans, and shorts.
  • Clothes which are too tight, baggy or short. Whether it is a dress, shirt, skirt or pants, they should fit just right and not show too much skin.
  • Hats or caps. Unless it’s for religious reasons, you shouldn’t wear headgear. You should also avoid hair color that is too bright or luminous.
  • Open sandals, sneakers or other athletic shoes, extremely high heels or flip-flops.
  • Too much jewelry and makeup.
  • Sunglasses unless a doctor prescribes them.
  • Very bright colors. Nudes and dark colors are better.

Ensure that you are clean, clean shaven and fresh on court days. Do not go to court looking untidy and smelling of cigarettes, alcohol or pot. Make sure that you go through what you will wear with your Greenville, SC lawyer before the court day. If he forbids anything, make sure you do not do it since it may have a negative impact.

Why Should You Dress Appropriately for Court?

Some types of dressing may affect your case from the very beginning. Here are some ways that your dressing affects your case:

It Helps to Create a First Impression

Of course, the Greenville, SC judge and jury have to listen to the defense before coming up with a verdict. However, they are human beings. They judge you just like anyone else from the way you present yourself. If your presentation doesn’t match what you are claiming, then it is likely that they won’t believe you.

It May Make You Seem Like You Don’t Care

While your Greenville, SC lawyer may have an excellent defense for you, your outfit may flush that down the drain. If you wear tight clothes, jeans, and sneakers, the jury and judge may believe you don’t care about the verdict. That may make you seem guilty. If you go to court dirty and smelling of alcohol, the jury will form an opinion of you quickly. Even before your Greenville, SC DUI attorney stands, they will think you are guilty.

Show of Remorse

Sometimes you may enter a guilty plea, or your case may not have a lot of merit. However, if you dress formally, the judge may be convinced that you are remorseful. They may even give you a lesser punishment if possible. However, if you don’t dress appropriately, it may seem like you don’t care. The verdict may, therefore, not go in your favor.

Contact Greenville, SC DUI Attorney Today for Help with Your Case

A great lawyer will not only work on your defense. He also advises you on how to conduct yourself in court. You have to put in the effort towards helping yourself get the verdict that you desire. You can only achieve that when you follow what your Greenville, SC DUI attorney says, and dress appropriately. Call us at The Bateman Firm for an evaluation of your case. We will ensure that we have an exceptional plan for you. We will also guide you on how to dress and conduct yourself.