SC School Superintendent Is Charged with DUI after a Crash on I-85

On Sunday 18th November, a superintendent of a school district in South Carolina was arrested for driving under the influence. The arrest happened after she rear-ended another vehicle on Interstate 85 shortly after 1 a.m.

According to the police report, no one was hurt during the accident, and the police placed Ms. Moore in detention. She was charged with a DUI after refusing to take a breathalyzer test and got out on bond. She was sent on mandatory paid leave by the school district board until the matter undergoes reviewing. Her court date is set to be in January. It is useful to explain the process involved here.

A DUI in Greenville, SC is a misdemeanor and has different sentences depending on the severity. For a first offense, it can carry up to $400 in fines, a month in jail or both. Therefore, it is best to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your case from the start.

What Should You Do If Stopped Or Arrested By the Police For DUI In SC

An officer can arrest you for driving while intoxicated if you have a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or more. If a police officer who suspects that you may be drunk stops you, you have some rights. It is essential to know what you should do to protect yourself in case this happens. You have the right to take the following steps:

Refuse the Breathalyzer, Field and Chemical Tests

It is not a must that you agree to the breathalyzer test. It is not a requirement under Greenville, SC law. You can also refuse to take the chemical analyses. If you know that you have been drinking, you have the option to refuse to accept the tests. However, this comes with serious consequences. It is important to remember that refusing the tests leads to an immediate suspension of your driver’s license.

Call Your Attorney

You have a right to call your Greenville, SC attorney if you’re arrested by a police officer. It is crucial that you contact an excellent lawyer who will assist you. Before the lawyer arrives, you also have the right to remain silent. You may choose not to answer the questions asked. That is the best move to make since it gives the police nothing that they can use against you.

Post Bail

The most important thing that an attorney helps with is finding out the bail amount and helping you pay it. Whether you are a first or second-time offender, it is possible to have bail set. If you are able to pay, this guarantees your freedom. After this, you and your lawyer can start working on a defense for the court in Greenville, SC.

Penalties for Driving under the Influence Which a DUI Defense Attorney in Greenville, SC Will Discuss with You

Depending on the severity of the offense, different penalties apply. Some important things to note are that:

  • If you refuse to take a breathalyzer or any other test, the court suspends your driver’s license for six months.
  • If you are found guilty of a first offense in Greenville, SC the court suspends your license for six months. You will also pay a fine of between $400 and $1,000 depending on your blood alcohol content. You can even get a jail term of two to 30 days. The judge can also substitute the jail term with community service.
  • For a second offense, the court suspends your license for a year, and you cannot get a provisional one. Fines range from $2,100 to $6,500 depending on the blood alcohol content. Jail terms will be between five days and three years, also depending on the BAC.
  • A third offense will have your license suspended for two years, while fines are between $3,800 and $10,000. Jail terms can be between two months and five years depending on your blood alcohol content.

Reach Out to DUI Lawyer Greenville SC for Assistance with Your Case

Some people opt not to hire a Greenville, SC DUI lawyer for a DUI case. However, it is best that you hire one. Not only will it help you receive a much lower penalty, but it eases everything for you. Call us at The Bateman Firm whenever you get arrested for DUI, and we will be there for you. Our lawyers will ensure that they work on your defense. They will try to get the charges dropped. If they can’t they will work to get the lowest penalty.

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