DUI in Greenville: What and Why

DUI in Greenville continues to be a significant issue with the increase in road accidents every year. In the last two years, Greenville has recorded the highest DUI fatalities in South Carolina. With so many DUI laws in place, it continues to record DUI fatalities even after the pandemic. DUI is one of the most common reasons for accidents in Greenville.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you can face serious consequences. Don’t want to get legal representation. Bateman Law Firm has experienced DUI lawyers who will fight for the best outcome. Call us today!

How Much Alcohol Can Lead to a DUI in Greenville?

The truth is any amount of drink is too much to drive in Greenville. Even if you have drunk a glass or two, you should give up on driving so as not to get arrested for DUI or, worse, get involved in a DUI accident.

When a person drinks and drives, they are unaware of the consequences. They do not know how lethal drunk driving is for pedestrians on the road. When intoxicated and driving, you put a mother, father, grandparent, son, or daughter of someone in danger.

You may regret the moment you commit a crime. At that time, you cannot turn back the time and make things alright irrespective of how hard you pray for it.

Therefore, if you are drunk in Greenville, always hire a taxi driver or call a sober friend to drop you home. Accepting fault in front of your parents is far better than accepting them in front of the court.

A few drinks can raise your Blood Alcohol Concentration. Taking 2 to 4 drinks in an hour can spike your BAC to over 0.08, which is the legal limit in South Carolina. Even at 0.08 BAC, drivers are seven times more likely to be involved in a crash.

If the BAC is 0.15 or above, the possibility of being involved in a crash or collision skyrockets to 25 times. Anything above 0.08 can have consequences that result in penalties, fines, suspension of driving license, felony charges, and much more.

DUI Is Bad Decision Making

DUI is one form of distracted driving that you have to decide about well before time. Unlike in the case of other types of distracted driving like texting, you choose to do it during your drive. However, DUI is a choice. A bad choice if you didn’t think it through even though you know the consequences.

For instance, if you know you are planning to attend a party and get drunk, you have sufficient time to plan it accordingly, so you do not drink and drive. You can plan to have an assigned driver or choose alternative means of transportation. If not, you decide not to drink at all.

Thus, DUI in Greenville can be prevented if you choose to do so and plan ahead of time. You are free to drink and have fun, but this shouldn’t include driving as well.

South Carolina is considered 22nd in the drunkest states in the U.S as per the 2021 statistics.

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, binge drinking in women is considered drinking four or more drinks on a single occasion, whereas in men, binge drinking five or more drinks on a single occasion. Heavy drinking among women is drinking at least 8 or more drinks in the week, whereas, for men, it is 15 drinks in a week.

Get Help From the Best Greenville DUI Attorneys

Our experienced lawyers at the Bateman Law Firm help people arrested for DUI in Greenville and the surrounding area. For minor offenses like being pulled over for DUI and getting a driving license suspended, a DUI lawyer can help the accused minimize their DUI punishments. The DUI lawyers also help to guide you through the process after a DUI arrest – if you should submit the field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, chemical testing, and such.

You should choose to hire a DUI lawyer immediately after you are arrested. This step can help you big time, especially if it’s your first-time DUI in Greenville.

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